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Building Innovation 2020: Virtual Edition is less than two months away. We're hard at work, combing through the virtual technology that will bring you two days of the best information around building technology, resilience, and workforce on August 18-19. Attendees also will be able to earn up to 8 AIA-approved CES/HSW credits, over two days, for… more
Building Innovation 2020 Moves Online
It’s not easy when plans change. But the coronavirus forced a lot of new territory on the world and its global community, requiring change in many ways, especially with regard to health and safety. So, when it came to planning for our annual meeting – Building Innovation 2020 – it became pretty clear that moving the meeting online would best… more
Traveling for Work? Hospitality Veterans Discuss How Meetings, Conventions and Hotels Will Change Around COVID-19
As states begin to reopen in phases, it’s important to psychologically prepare your staff to go back to work and attend meetings again. There’s a lot of anxiety around the future of work, and one industry that’s been particularly affected is tourism and hospitality. Experts say consistency will be critical toward building trust and credibility… more
Natural Hazard Mitigation Saves
U.S. disaster losses from floods, wind, earthquakes, and fires average $100 billion per year. In 2017, losses exceeded $300 billion—25% of the $1.3 trillion building value put in place that year. Fortunately, there are affordable and highly cost-effective strategies that policymakers, building owners, risk managers, and others can deploy to… more
Virtual Town Hall
Bringing America back to work and restarting the economy will take planning and vision. Any movement in the direction toward reentering and repopulating buildings, businesses, and transportation systems must follow the health and safety guidelines set forth by science and data, the federal government, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,… more