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New Workforce Report Shows 63% Believe It’s Important to Increase Diversity
The National Institute of Building Sciences has released its 2023 Built Environment Workforce Survey, an update to the 2021 survey, which collected thousands of responses on issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the built environment. The new report included participation from nearly 30 partner organizations with a breakdown of… more
Ballot Comment Period Now Open for the NBIMS-US Project Committee
The National BIM Standard – United States® (NBIMS-US™) Public Review (PR) and Project Committee (PC) Ballot Comment Period are open. During this period, anyone can comment on the ballots; however, voting is reserved for PC members. Comments will be accepted through July 5, 2023. Comments submitted during the ballot comment period will be… more
Hurricane season is approaching
The 2023 Atlantic Hurricane Season is here, and Colorado State University released its forecast. Some states recently were awarded flood mitigation grants by the federal government as well as some state governments. Federal grants included: New Jersey $8.9 million Louisiana $6.3 million in assistance Oslo, Minnesota received $2.35 million… more
Op-Ed: Oregon’s Fuel on Risky Riverbanks
Oregon’s Department of Environmental Quality has begun working with Portland’s 13 bulk fuel terminals to assess their seismic vulnerabilities and implement mitigation, according to an opinion piece published today in The Oregonian by NIBS Special Advisor, Lifelines Infrastructure Initiative Yumei Wang, PE, FASCE. Wang also serves as Senior… more
Shergaun Roserie
Since 2022, the National Institute of Building Sciences has awarded the Betty and Mort Marshall Memorial Scholarship to students with exceptional promise who attend a historically Black college or university (HBCU). One of those students, Shergaun Roserie will graduate this month from Howard University’s College of Engineering. Roserie also has… more