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Susan Maxman
Susan Maxman remembers when the architecture profession was predominantly male. She attended Smith College. While attending this all-female institution, Maxman was told time and again that women could achieve whatever they wanted – the same as men. But this was a time when the majority of the female population was not in the workforce, but rather… more
Ortiz recently met with women in Architecture at Howard University
When New York was recovering from 9/11, the rebuild effort was monumental. Small and large companies across the built environment turned up to help. U.S. Customs reached out to one of its firms – Reston, Virginia-based Marshall Group Architects – to do some renovation work in the Big Apple. Then U.S. Customs requested more help, and the Marshall… more
Jenna Greer, Architecture Student, Howard University
Antigua is 10 times smaller than Jamaica, with a population of 100,000 spread over 108 square miles. It’s one of two major islands that make up the Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda. Antigua contains a very sparse built environment – covered mostly in either concrete or undeveloped green land. There are just a handful of high-rises that… more