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Building Innovation: Who’s the 2024 Exceptional Woman in Building?
For decades, the National Institute of Building Sciences has recognized outstanding members of the built environment. During the pandemic, NIBS opened several new awards categories to winners. These include the Exceptional Woman in Building Award, NIBS Distinguished Service, NIBS Innovator, Future Leaders, and DEI Leadership. Last year, our 2023… more
Women Executives Discuss Imposter Syndrome, Mentoring, and Personal Branding at Symposium
NIBS recently hosted an invitation-only Women Executives in Building symposium. More than 40 women attended, and speakers included NIBS board members and women executives from both corporate and nonprofit built environment organizations. Event sponsors included Delta Controls, 84 Lumber, Compass Datacenters, Daiken, and Green Building… more
Women Executives in Building: Encouraging Authenticity in Your Staff
Today’s virtual world has challenged many business professionals, when it comes to deepening relationships and being authentic. What’s OK to share on those Zoom calls? Is it appropriate to discuss your favorite Peloton class? What about your most recent Netflix binge? These would’ve been fair game in person around the office watercooler. More… more
Women Executives in Building – When “Being the Only” is Its Own Superpower
Initially, Michelle Buczkowski considered “being the only” an isolating place. Buczkowski, vice president of talent management with 84 Lumber, shared during the virtual leadership meeting of the Women Executives in Building on August 31, that many times she felt like the youngest – and only – woman in a room. “For a while I saw ‘being the only’… more
Women Executives in Building: Your Elevator Pitch Needs to Strike a Balance
It turns out there’s a lot riding on a person’s elevator pitch. It’s part marketing, sales pitch, and personal branding. You also can’t go into too much detail, and you’ve only got about 30 seconds to make an impression. “Always tailor your speech to the group,” said Miriam Keith, President of Kayleb Consulting LLC. “Your elevator pitch often is… more