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We’re Sponsoring the Cal Poly Pomona Team in the Orange County Sustainability Decathlon!
The National Institute of Building Sciences is proud to announce sponsorship of the Cal Poly Pomona team participating in the Orange County Sustainability Decathlon 2023 (OCSD23). OCSD23 challenges university teams to design and build model solar-powered homes that address climate change and California’s housing needs. It aims to empower future… more
Off-Site Construction Council to Form Subcommittees
Off-site construction is the planning, design, fabrication, and assembly of building elements at a location other than their final installed location to support the rapid and efficient construction of a permanent structure. It often is characterized by an integrated planning and supply chain optimization strategy. The NIBS Off-Site Construction… more
JocCole “JC” Burton, President & CEO of Maven Construction
There are two Americas that converge on construction sites every day: One of an inherited position of strength and false authority and the other – people of color who come in to complete their jobs. It’s a dichotomy that has prevailed throughout history. JocCole “JC” Burton, President & CEO of Maven Construction, reminds us that slave labor… more