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Future-Proofing Our Built Environment
Architecture and engineering firms face the daunting task of creating enduring structures amidst uncertain future climate conditions. Planning for the coming decades necessitates integrating climate science as a pivotal component of their decision-making process. Global warming scenarios vary widely, from severe impacts due to high greenhouse gas… more
Our Golden Anniversary: NIBS Turns 50 in 2024
2024 is a big year for the National Institute of Building Sciences. NIBS officially was established in August 1974, by the U.S. Congress in the Housing and Community Development Act, Public Law 93-383. At that time, Congress recognized the need for an organization to serve as an authoritative source supporting government and private sector… more
Community Resilience is Now at the Center of Modern Model Building Code Development
By Sara Barrett, Building Seismic Safety Council The Building Seismic Safety Council’s Functional Recovery Planning Committee has published a report detailing the recommended scope, organization, and deliverables for developing functional recovery code provisions within the 2026 National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program (NEHRP) Recommended… more
NIBS Joins U.S. Celebration of World Standards Day
Standardization offers practical solutions that integrate contributions from nearly every sector—business, local and national governments, and individuals. In October, the world celebrates the importance of standards. The global celebration took place October 14; the U.S. celebrated two days earlier on October 12. The National Institute of… more
FEMA Releases New Building Codes Toolkit for Homeowners
The third edition of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Building Codes Toolkit for Homeowners and Occupants has been released. The toolkit offers basic guidance and tools for homeowners and occupants to learn about building codes and how they can make homes more resilient against earthquakes, flooding, hurricanes and other natural… more