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U.S. National Building Information Management (BIM) Program

The National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS) initiated the U.S. National BIM Program (NBP or Program) to bring industry stakeholders together to achieve critical digital transformation throughout the entire lifecycle of designing, constructing, and operating the built environment. The Program concept has evolved through conversations and collaborations with leading organizations and communities, involving both the public and private sectors, spanning a diverse cross-section of asset/project types. This effort has recently accelerated combined with significant increases in interest from the owner community throughout the U.S., including both building and infrastructure owners.



To accelerate the digital transformation of the built asset industry to achieve optimal economical, environmental, and functional performance of U.S. built environment



To transform lifecycle information management practices by creating and advancing the consistent adoption of next-generation information management standards and practices to significantly improve the built environment delivery and operations processes.

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The foundation of the U.S. economy and society relies upon having a high-quality and resilient built environment, including the infrastructure people use and buildings that support their daily activities. Information is the lifeblood that supports the delivery and operations of built assets. Unfortunately, the consistent creation and use of information throughout the built asset industry has traditionally relied upon paper or unstructured digital documentation.

While the U.S. has been one of the clear global leaders in the development and implementation of Building Information Modeling (BIM) computer applications to support the overall design and construction of built assets, the transition to full adoption is slow and industry is widely known to lack digital maturity.

To address the significant "information deficit" and achieve a new level of efficiency, the industry must be digitally transformed.

The U.S. National BIM Program outlines a collaborative approach to develop and deploy implementation resources, advanced digital standards, and the social and legal foundation to support adoption in the U.S., aligned with and learning from the lessons of global approaches.

The Program will be guided by the following Core Values:


Inclusive: Involve a broad range of key stakeholders


Aligned: Limit rework through coordination with key stakeholders


Open: Require open digital standards

Practice Oriented

Practice Oriented: Focus on ability to implement now and in the future


Collaborative: Share experience and expertise


Reliable: Standards provide the foundation for commitments and contracts

The development, adoption, and implementation of common BIM standards within the U.S. will:

The goals of the Program are centered around six core themes:

Support Owner Adoption
Support the development, collection, management, use and sharing of information models for asset owners

Improve Project Delivery
Enable all key stakeholders to significantly improve the project delivery process and facility performance by adopting BIM

Build Next Generation Standards
Develop next generation process and information BIM standards to a level of implementation that can be validated for contractual compliance along with deployment guidance and resource

Build Communities
Build a community that represents all key stakeholders to develop, promote and adopt leading practices for BIM implementation in collaboration with partner organizations

Create Legal Framework
Create the legal and insurance framework(s) to support adoption including a focus towards using the model content for project commitments and contracts

Educate and Train
Create education, training and certification programs in collaboration with partner organizations to support the evolving workforce demands

The Program goals translated to the development of six core Workstreams:

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The structure of the U.S. National BIM Program integrates the deliverables from the 6 core Workstreams into a roadmap focused on:

Year 1: Building the Foundation

Year 2 and 3: Early Wins

Year 4 and 5: Advanced Transformation

Beyond Year 5: Embedded Change

National BIM Program Organizational Chart
BIM Steering Committee (current as of 8.2022)
Workstream Planning Leads
National BIM Program Development  Team
Program Partners

Success of the Program is critically dependent on expanding collaborative relationships and initiatives with industry organizations.

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For additional questions about the U.S. National BIM Program or to get involved, please contact:

Program contacts

Johnny Fortune, Director of U.S. National BIM Program
Sarah Swango, Vice President, Corporate & Foundation Relations

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