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Strategic Planning

Whether in your home, office, or out in the community, the walls you surround yourself with must be safe, structurally sound, and sustainable.

The National Institute of Building Sciences improves communities by accelerating collaboration between public and private stakeholders and advancing transformational technologies across the built environment.

This year, the NIBS Board of Directors developed a new three-year strategic plan to guide the organization under these cultural values: collaboration, innovation, inclusion, and accountability.


To serve the public interest by advancing building science and technology to improve the built environment.


Improving lives through collaboration by integrating science into the built environment.


The 2023-2025 Strategic Plan includes four major goal themes, each with very specific strategies.


The goal of climate adaptation, mitigation, and resilience requires advancing climate solutions and their adoption in the built environment. Building alliances with public and private sector organizations to develop and deploy innovative solutions is critical to this mission. NIBS also must drive interdisciplinary and interorganizational collaboration resulting in the development of policies, codes, and standards and share knowledge to advance resilient and sustainable communities.


NIBS aims to promote convergent research and transformational technologies. Strategies to this goal involve nurturing and promoting creativity and innovation to advance technology. NIBS also aims to remove barriers to accelerate technology acceptance and adoption and advance innovative technology awareness and implementation.


NIBS encourages collaboration across the public and private sectors to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion within the workforce and communities. Strategies to this goal include expanding the industry’s understanding of how building science, built environment and social equity are related and championing diverse, equitable, and inclusive communities. It’s also important to advance initiatives to enhance the recruitment and development of the building industry workforce.


NIBS is a trusted authority and resource in the built environment. The organization aims to amplify its congressionally-authorized purpose as the nationally recognized authoritative voice. Strategies include increasing NIBS’ brand visibility and stakeholder engagement among government and the private sector as well as attracting new stakeholders and business partners.

Next Steps

With these actions, NIBS will achieve broader recognition as a trusted, unbiased convener of government and industry officials to come together as partners. NIBS also will achieve greater balance: A more diversified and balanced portfolio of programs, products and services and sustainable business model that provides flexibility for the organization to carry out mission-driven activities.