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Resilience 2021: How to Stay Safe as Lockdowns Lift and Buildings Reopen
Because of COVID-19, many buildings have sat empty for the better part of a year, and there are possible health risks tied to the return of these unoccupied spaces. On April 20, 2021, the National Institute of Building Sciences hosted a panel of experts to discuss how the building industry must recalibrate and adjust to a post-pandemic world. The… more
Resilience 2021
The National Institute of Building Sciences recently hosted a webinar to discuss the costs of the remote work world as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. A panel of thought leaders covered energy alternatives, mass transit ridership, and sustainable change within local environments and homes. Panelists included Jody Holton, Assistant General… more
Fauci speaks on COVID-19
White House coronavirus health official Dr. Anthony Fauci spoke at the Washington National Cathedral on Thursday, November 12, to address virus surge and share encouraging news about vaccines. The situation in the United States is difficult with 10 million infections, 250,000 deaths, and 60,000 hospitalizations. Health officials recently reported… more
Building Innovation 2020 Moves Online
It’s not easy when plans change. But the coronavirus forced a lot of new territory on the world and its global community, requiring change in many ways, especially with regard to health and safety. So, when it came to planning for our annual meeting – Building Innovation 2020 – it became pretty clear that moving the meeting online would best… more
Traveling for Work? Hospitality Veterans Discuss How Meetings, Conventions and Hotels Will Change Around COVID-19
As states begin to reopen in phases, it’s important to psychologically prepare your staff to go back to work and attend meetings again. There’s a lot of anxiety around the future of work, and one industry that’s been particularly affected is tourism and hospitality. Experts say consistency will be critical toward building trust and credibility… more