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New ASHRAE Publication Outlines Standard to Reduce Risk of Disease Transmission in Indoor Spaces
The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) has released the ASHRAE Standard 241, Control of Infectious Aerosols, a new publication detailing airborne infection risk mitigation for buildings. The publication establishes minimum requirements to reduce the risk of disease transmission by exposure to… more
Recognizing the Contributions of Innovators in the Building Industry
Every year, the National Institute of Building Sciences bestows the Innovator Award to a corporation, organization, individual, or project within the built environment. The award is given for groundbreaking advances and significant technological contributions to the built environment and for exemplary leadership in advancing innovation in the… more
Resilience incentives advance
All too often we focus on what the federal government is doing to build disaster resilience. Federal grant funding, though sizable and growing is only one piece of the resilience puzzle. A recently published academic study and a new state-level grant program point to progress made by other stakeholders to incentivize hazardmitigation investments… more
Recognizing a Lifetime of Work in the Building Industry
Each year, NIBS honors a building industry icon with the Mortimer M. Marshall Lifetime Achievement Award. Established in 2011 and named after the first member of NIBS, this award is given to an association, corporation, or individual who has demonstrated a lifetime of dedication to the mission and goals of NIBS. It is NIBS’ highest honor and award… more
Embedding Legal Frameworks into ESG Resiliency Within the Built Environment
The National Institute of Building Sciences recently brought together leaders from across the architecture, engineering, construction, and operations (AECO) industries for the Women Executives in Building Symposium. One presentation, “Resiliency: A Business Imperative with Profitable Benefits,” addressed climate change litigation. It was… more