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John Messner
#ThisIsNIBS: John Messner, Director, Computer Integrated Construction, Penn State University
Posted By Christine Cube

The National Institute of Building Sciences provides members with the opportunity to make an impact on the industry.

“The first impact is really in the research area that we focus on related to information technology to improve the built environment,” says John Messner, Director of Computer Integrated Construction with Penn State University. “We’ve had an opportunity to work on standards that have been adopted by many public and private organizations.”

Through the adoption of those standards, the built environment is becoming more sustainable, and “it’s also providing a better place for people to live,” he said.

NIBS has built many relationships with members, including numerous agencies and organizations. Our members and partners are critical to our mission and the support of the building industry.

Last April, NIBS launched a membership campaign to raise awareness, recruit new members, and engage those who support our mission and success.

The campaign – #ThisIsNIBS – features testimonial videos by members sharing their favorite part about being in our community.

To learn more about becoming a member of our community of building professionals, visit