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Send us your DIM document examples
Send Us Your BIM Document Examples
Posted By Brought to you by the NIBS BIM Council

The National BIM Standard (NBIMS) is updating its BIM Execution Planning (BEP), BIM Use Definitions (BUD), COBie, and Core BIM Requirements (CBR) content for the AECOO industry through four workgroups. To do this work, we want to draw upon the best of the industry.

Since 2011, there have been a lot of changes in the industry. For this NBIMS effort, we are looking for the best examples of contract language, BIM execution plans, and industry templates.

Please share your best and favorite documents and templates. We are compiling information now; the deadline is January 15, 2021.

Here’s what we are looking for:

Core BIM

  • BIM Requirements
  • BIM Guide/Guidelines
  • BIM Contract Language
  • BIM Maturity Models
  • BIM Implementation Roadmaps
  • BIM Standards and Model Development Specifications
  • Minimum Modeling Requirements Matrices

BIM Execution Planning

  • BIM Execution Plan (BEP) templates or examples
  • Contract language regarding the requirements for submitting BEPs
  • Language for BEP development

BIM Uses

  • Commonly established BIM Uses with characteristics of the use (e.g., description, potential value, participants, references, resources required, etc.)
  • Example of project types BIM Uses (market sector, construction type, etc.)


  • Contract language they use or have seen used related to data deliverables in the COBie format
  • Contract language they use or have seen used related to data deliverables in other formats (proprietary or not)
  • Examples of data deliverables not in the COBie format

Please send documents to Dominique Fernandez (, or send a link that allows us to download from your website.

Who will see these documents?

NBIMS workgroups are tasked with developing NBIMS V4 content. Workgroups are made up of public and private sector representatives. Each workgroup has 10-12 volunteers as well as NIBS staff. Workgroup members will work with these documents to bring the best practices into the new and revised NBIMS.

What will be done with these documents?

All submitted documents will only be accessible to workgroup members. The teams will analyze these documents to understand what is common between them. We will be looking for emergent standards of practice across the industry. We then will create the new NBIMS language, based on the reviewed documents. We will acknowledge the source material by reference to the owners of these materials, but we will not publish any source material beyond the workgroups.

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