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Shergaun Roserie
NIBS Scholarship Winner Hopes to Bring Broader STEM Education to Saint Lucia
Posted By April Crews

Since 2022, the National Institute of Building Sciences has awarded the Betty and Mort Marshall Memorial Scholarship to students with exceptional promise who attend a historically Black college or university (HBCU).

One of those students, Shergaun Roserie will graduate this month from Howard University’s College of Engineering. Roserie also has been accepted into a Master of Engineering in Advanced Manufacturing and Design program at MIT. However, he plans to defer attendance for a year, working as a mechanical engineer with Microsoft, where he completed an internship in 2022.

While working at Microsoft, Roserie will also continue serving as director at Orbtronics, a company he co-founded with Keeghan Patrick in 2020. Orbtronics is a Saint Lucia-based consulting firm that helps companies develop product prototypes, as well as mobile and website development.

Shergaun Roserie

Advancing STEM Education

Roserie hopes to make Orbtronics a driving force in the manufacturing and engineering technology space on the island. But that’s not all; Roserie also has a passion to advance STEM education for youth in Saint Lucia.

Says Roserie: “To be able to grow the digital economy and manufacturing industry in the Caribbean, it is first important that we improve the skills of our people. That was our founding idea.”

Orbtronics hosted a STEM education program that allowed students to create a prototype of a medical drone he and his co-founder created at the height of the pandemic. The drone was the project submitted as part of his NIBS scholarship application.

Orbtronics currently is planning to host six programs to train 120 youth and adults in various STEM skills, including coding, electronics, graphic design, robotics, and AI tools. The programs are in partnership with the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank and Republic Bank under its “Power To Make A Difference” program. Learn more about Orbtronics.

The Betty and Mort Marshall Scholarship

Since 2020, the Betty and Mort Marshall Memorial Scholarship annually has awarded a $5,000 scholarship to HBCU students of architecture and engineering. Learn more about the scholarship at