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NIBS Named Among 2023 Top-Rated Nonprofits

By Christine Cube

Thanksgiving is a time of gratitude.

Recently, the National Institute of Building Sciences received a first-time award – 2023 Top-Rated Nonprofit by GreatNonprofits.

To achieve this, we needed the support of our community to speak on our behalf about the work and service we provide to the built environment. Thank you to all who contributed their words.

Here are some of the testimonials:

  • Michael J. Zuriff, Head of Public Affairs, Americas, RICS: “I have been working with the National Institute of Building Sciences for a number of years on our organizations' shared goal of addressing the complex challenges facing the built environment. We have collaborated on several joint roundtables on areas of immense importance to the public such as resilience and sustainability, infrastructure development, and social equity. NIBS' unique ability to bring together stakeholders from across the built environment is critical, as a traditionally fragmented industry attempts to meet these challenges. In recent years, I have been privileged to participate in its Consultative Council, where leaders across the construction industry are able to share best practices, exchange innovative ideas, and drive practical solutions. I look forward to NIBS’ continued efforts in helping foster a more resilient, sustainable, and innovative built environment.”
  • Anne Ellis, Past Chair, NIBS Board of Directors: “In a fragmented industry, NIBS is uniquely structured to bring together the diversity of leaders from across the built environment to tackle new, ubiquitous challenges. This includes resilience, use of convergent technologies, and much more. All viewpoints are heard, including the owners, designers, builders, supply chain, facility managers, regulators, and educators. These diverse viewpoints inform solutions that become industry next practices that will someday become industry best practices. NIBS is THE place to be for those that are future-forward and want to build a powerful network.”
  • Scott A. McDonald, Member, NIBS Board of Directors, and City of Denton, Dept. of Development Services, Denton, TX: “As an active construction code professional for the past 25 years, I find NIBS uniquely positioned to provide the built environment an invaluable resource. The work performed provides unseen benefits to across the country. NIBS has a Congressional charge to be the authoritative national voice to make findings and to advise both the public and private sectors of the economy with respect to the use of building science and technology in achieving nationally acceptable standards. An innovative voice to improve our living environment. What an honor it is to serve and to be a part of a group of individuals who work to improve codes and standards to ensure a better tomorrow. In my personal experience with NIBS, I have witnessed the desire to infuse technical findings in a practical and strategic way to improve national standards and to share such findings across the public and private sectors. NIBS serves the public interest, improves the built environment by advancing building science through collaboration with a multitude of public and private stakeholders.”
  • Vicki Worden, President & CEO, Green Building Initiative: “The National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS) acts as a think tank for the AEC and building industry. As a CEO in this industry, it's among the only places to gather and meet with leaders from all trades and disciplines to coordinate on the issues that most inspire and threaten the built environment. We are extremely fortunate at the foresight of Congress to have created this institution that continues to be so relevant to the needs of those advancing and evolving the buildings that protect, shelter, and enhance our lives.”

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