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Off-Site Studies: Solid Timber Construction

Solid timber construction (STC) refers to different types of massive wood planar or frame elements used for walls, floors, roofs, partitions and core elements of a building. Construction with solid timber elements optimizes the inherent structural behavior of wood, creating a more homogeneous structural product. Several different factors make STC appropriate today.

Global climate change, increasing water and air pollution and the rapid decrease of nonrenewable resources has moved the construction sector to utilize materials that are low carbon emitting or carbon capturing in their life-cycle, and therefore, less environmentally harmful. Expanding the use of construction materials with low embodied energy from renewable resources that have the capacity to sequester carbon in the structure of buildings will help to reduce our global impact on the environment. These qualities make STC an attractive and viable option in the 21st century.


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Off-Site Studies: Solid Timber Construction