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Next OSCC Webinar: Getting the Most Out of Off-Site Construction (Part 2)

Thursday August 25

The National Institute of Building Sciences Off-Site Construction Council (OSCC) will host the webinar, “Getting the Most Out of Off-Site Construction (Part 2),” on August 25, from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm ET. This is the second part of a webinar hosted by the Modular Building Institute and held in June that explored what it takes to choreograph and execute an effective permanent modular construction project.

In “Getting the Most out of Off-Site Construction (Part 2),” the current chair of OSCC, Gilbane Building Company Vice President and Corporate Director of Operational Excellence and Planning Susan (“Sue”) Klawans, will provide an introduction to the spectrum of off-site construction opportunities. Linc Moss, President of Ramtech Building Systems, will then present “Part 2: Project Execution.” He will delve more explicitly into the means and methods, as well as stakeholder scopes of work needed to execute strategies throughout the building construction on- and off-site, including final drawing submittal and approval; zoning and permitting; process; scheduling; fabrication; quality assurance; health and safety; site development; delivery; set; finish; and commissioning of a project ready for occupancy.

This webinar is part of OSCC’s series designed to share knowledge and improve industry efficiency, productivity and speed to market through the use of pre-fabrication and off-site construction. The webinars, which feature topics across the broad spectrum of off-site construction techniques, technologies and tools, are available to help architects, engineers, contractors, owners, code officials and other industry stakeholders gain valuable insight into the opportunities offered by off-site construction and how to effectively implement off-site construction techniques in future projects.

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