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National Institute of Building Sciences Refreshes Brand

Unveils New Logo at Building Innovation 2019

Today, during the Opening Keynote Breakfast at Building Innovation 2019: The National Institute of Building Sciences Seventh Annual Conference and Expo, in Washington, D.C., the Institute revealed its refreshed logo and brand identity.

The revitalized brand is a result of extensive research and evaluation of the Institute’s unique role within the building design and construction industry. With the launch of the refreshed brand identity, the Institute is well positioned for the future.

Included in the revitalized brand identity is a new brand promise:

“Delivering solutions that positively impact the built environment by leading collaboration across the industry and advancing innovation in building science & technology.”

The Institute remains dedicated to unbiased research and thought leadership while preparing the industry for new paradigms. This brand promise aims to convey the Institute’s role in the industry, spearheading collaborative discussions by providing a forum for stakeholders to engage with one another. The Institute’s stakeholders have the opportunity to generate ideas and cross-disciplinary solutions to improve the built environment.

The new logo visually represents the Institute’s mission and values. The logo maintains the Institute colors and its architectural elements convey the Institute’s strong foundation, defining the organization and how it remains firmly rooted in the industry. The open, interconnected structure of the pillars represents the collaborative and inclusive nature of the Institute. The arches visually demonstrate how the Institute's work is interconnected with the standards of care used, linking its work with its mission and values.

The four arches are intended to represent the core areas of focus for the Institute:

The arches also tie into the four main areas of work the U.S. Congress entrusted to the Institute:

In addition, the Institute refined its tagline to be: Innovative Solutions for the Built Environment.

With its refreshed brand, the Institute will continue to serve the nation with a strengthened commitment to developing and implementing innovative solutions for the built environment.

About NIBS

National Institute of Building Sciences brings together labor and consumer interests, government representatives, regulatory agencies, and members of the building industry to identify and resolve problems and potential problems around the construction of housing and commercial buildings. NIBS is a nonprofit, non-governmental organization. It was established by Congress in 1974. For more information, visit or follow @bldgsciences on Twitter and Facebook.

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