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Off-site Construction: Delivering Better Buildings

Mar 26, 2024   |   1:00 PM – 2:00 PM ET
Virtual Event

There is no shortage of excuses not to build differently, but the current challenges we face as a building industry and society are becoming too tenuous to continue the status quo. From workforce availability and jobsite safety to housing affordability and availability, building quality and sustainability – we need solutions.

With national housing costs rising 52 percent from 2017 to 2022, off-site construction offers an affordable solution, capable of curbing construction timelines and reducing costs. Off-site construction can deliver projects 20 percent to 50 percent faster than traditional methods, which can provide cost savings of up to 20 percent. However, off-site construction makes up only a small proportion of construction activity.

This session will explore some of the challenges to the widespread deployment of off-site construction and how off-site construction leaders are working to overcome these challenges. Specific attention will be paid to the critical importance of aligning design, manufacture, finance and regulations to deliver successful projects. From barriers and best practices to finance and regulation, this session will discuss why off-site construction is a solution to drive innovation and sustainability.

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Ryan M. Colker
Ryan M. Colker

Innovation Vice President, International Code Council

Sara-Ann Logan
Sara-Ann Logan

Volumetric Building Companies

Jeff Brown
Jeff Brown

State Building Codes Office Director, Division of Building and Fire Regulation Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development

Mary Tingerthal
Mary Tingerthal

President, Tingerthal Group, LLC

Learning Objectives

  1. Inform participants on the current challenges across the building and construction sector and explore solutions provided by off-site construction.
  2. Develop understanding of off-site construction methods and current innovative trends across the industry.
  3. Explore the current state of off-site construction regulation and provide an examination of the regulatory landscape through available resources.
  4. Establish knowledge of the sustainability and affordability features of off-site construction and opportunities to integrate building innovation through relevant success cases.

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