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Mira Papinova
Senior Project Manager, Engineering

Mira Papinova, Senior Project Manager in the Multi-Hazard Mitigation and Building Seismic Safety groups. She has more than 10 years of experience in construction project management, complex problem resolution, strategic planning and execution. She is one of the lead managers actively involved in administering and managing the Scientific Resolution Panel (SRP) project, the purpose of which is to perform independent reviews and resolve conflicting scientific and technical data submitted by communities challenging FEMA’s NFIP Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM). As a member of the Multi-Hazard Mitigation Council (MMC) and Building Seismic Safety Council (BSSC), she assists in coordinating collaborations and partnerships for the Roadmap to Resilience 2.0 initiative. Formerly, she was a Project Manager for several general contractors in the Mid-Atlantic region, where she oversaw a variety of multi-million construction projects, such as hospitals, educational facilities, apartment buildings, and office buildings. She holds an MPA and a B.S. in Construction Management.

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