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Daniel E. Nichols, PE, IAAI-FIT
Board Member
State of New York's Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Hyde Park, NY

Daniel E. Nichols, the Vice President for Fire, Accessibility, and Code Compliance Services for the MTA Construction and Development Company (MTA C&D). Daniel oversees the programs that ensure compliance with the Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code, Energy Conservation Construction Code, and the Americans with Disabilities Act for all MTA Capital Program projects, including the current $54B all-agency capital program.

Daniel holds a B.S. in fire protection engineering from the A. James Clark School of Engineering at the University of Maryland at College

Park, is New York State Department of State Code Enforcement Official Standard Instructor, Pro-Board and New York Certified Fire Investigator, and New York State Registered Professional Engineer. He serves as a Director of the National Institute of Building Sciences, Member of the International Fire Code Development and ICC Performance Code Development Committees, Principal of the Underwriter’s Laboratories Fire Council, and Member of both the National Fire Protection Association’s on Fixed Guideway Transit System and Cultural Resources committees. He has previous service with the New York State Division of Building Standards and Codes, currently serves as Fire Commissioner with the Roosevelt Fire District, and has 31 years of fire service experience in both operational and leadership capabilities.

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