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Sponsorship Opportunities
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NIBS Sponsorship, Partnership & Advertising Opportunities 2023

This 2023 Master Sponsorship Prospectus provides details about every opportunity for companies and organizations to join NIBS in our mission: To serve the public interest by advancing building science and technology to improve the built environment.

Building Innovation 2023

There is no other place where everyone who impacts the built environment comes together to find solutions. This year, BI2023 is even bigger. Anyone within the building industry is invited to attend. Sessions will cover a spectrum of developments in the areas of workforce, technology, resilience, and the challenges that COVID-19 brings to the built environment.

Why sponsor? As the premier event that brings together executives and top decision-makers in government, the professions, industry, labor and private sector, this is the place to showcase your company’s innovative products and services. Don’t miss your opportunity to tap into a greater audience seeking the latest trends in technology, sustainability and resilience, to be used in buildings and communities around the world.


BIM Council

The BIM Council is an alliance of all those who are willing to contribute their time and talent toward improving the entire facilities industry. We want information to flow from authoritative sources to end users at every phase of the project. To accomplish this, we need support from individuals, companies, agencies, sponsors and donors. 

The National Institute of Building Sciences provides the infrastructure for us to develop the overarching standards needed to reach across the industry as no other organization can. To develop specific aspects of the transformation and pull together all the pieces requires great effort and resources: We know what needs to be done, but we need your help as sponsors of the Council to ensure success. This year, we are launching the next version of the National BIM Standard-United States, Version 4 so your sponsorship will be crucial in contributing to the efforts these key influencers will work on throughout the year.

Sponsored by Autodesk, GSANBBJU.S. State Dept. and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

U.S. National BIM Program Founding Partnership

The National Institute of Building Sciences initiated the U.S. National BIM Program (NBP) to bring industry stakeholders together to achieve critical digital transformation throughout the entire lifecycle of designing, constructing, and operating the built environment.

NIBS Leadership Sponsorship

This year-long sponsorship of the National Institute of Building Sciences Board of Directors allows exclusive access to the leaders of the industry who come from all areas of the built environment. Not only will you exclusively network with the Board members at various NIBS meetings and events throughout the year, you will come to the table to discuss various issues, speak about how your company’s products and services can benefit the industry, new initiatives, and the many businesses run by the Board members.

Women Executives In Building Symposium

Women in the built environment are daring to confront stereotypes that lead to harmful hiring practices and personnel policies that reinforce barriers of the past and continue to hold women back. These groundbreakers defy the male-dominated industries that support the built environment, aiming to increase awareness and diversity, particularly for young women considering careers in the AECO industry.

In this edition of the Women’s Leadership Forum, the National Institute of Building Sciences will convene female leaders from all sectors of the built environment for a one-day event. Here, we will share successes, challenges, network, and equip females in the built environment with actionable strategies to overcome the hurdles women often face in the workplace and specifically in the building industry. NIBS will provide the platform.

Social Equity in the Built Environment Survey & Roundtable Sponsorship Prospectus:

Diversity in its most simple form can be defined as “all the similarities and differences amongst people.” In other words, it’s a combination of all the characteristics that make us individuals such as age, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, disability, military experience, and socioeconomic background, ideas, attitudes, beliefs, educational background, perspectives, values, and so on. A culture of diversity embodies understanding ourselves and each other, moving beyond tolerance to acceptance, and wholly embracing the richness of each individual.

The National Institute of Building Sciences is committed to cultivating and preserving a culture of inclusion and connectedness. As role of conveners within the built environment, NIBS continues to find ways to bring the industry together to discuss the challenges, share experiences and ultimately find solutions relating to diversity and inclusion within our industry.

In 2020, NIBS convened more than 40 C-Suite association leaders in the built environment to participate in high-level discussions during a roundtable to Improve the Workforce of the Built Environment through Social Equity. This virtual meeting was designed to share best practices, data and strategies for improving social equity in leadership positions in the industry.

In 2021, NIBS continued this conversation through a Social Equity Executive Roundtable that covered the results of the Built Environment Social Equity Survey, that was produced earlier in the year.

Now it’s time to deepen the conversation and take action with a 2023 Social Equity in the Built Environment Survey & Roundtable which NIBS will work on throughout the course of the year. With the results of this survey, we will be able to take next steps in ensuring measurable tools and criteria are in place to create an equitable environment for all within the industry.

This is your organization’s opportunity to sign on and make your mark on the 2023 Social Equity in the Built Environment Survey and Roundtable as the exclusive sponsor of this year-long critical endeavor.