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Fundamentals of Earthquake Engineering

Feb 10, 2022   |   1:00 PM – 2:30 PM ET
Virtual Meeting

Designing a structure to resist earthquakes requires several considerations that can be ignored in design to resist most other loads. The loading is more severe, the permissible response will usually include damage to the structure, as well as the systems and components supported by the structure, and the levels of uncertainty in loading and response are greater than for ordinary loads. This webinar includes an overview of earthquake ground shaking, dynamic response to ground shaking, and the influence of yielding within the structure on the response. These issues underlie the NEHRP Recommended Provisions, and a good understanding of the concepts is an important first step in successful implementation of a design complying with the Provisions.

Learning objectives:

  • Key parameters in dynamic behavior of simple structures
  • Basis and use of the response spectrum as a tool for design
  • Rationale for permitting nonlinear response and its significance in design
  • The difference between yield and peak resistance


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AIA Learning Units:

1.5 LU


.15 CEU

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