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Building Technology and Retrofits

Dec 6, 2023   |   1:00 PM – 2:00 PM ET
Virtual Meeting

Building Information Management and Modeling are two keys to unlocking the success of existing building retrofits. Implementation of these strategies and tools optimizes the design and construction process. Building Information Modeling has the capacity to coordinate numerous types of data input, such as energy models and 3-D design, which offers architects, engineers, and contractors the ability to visualize and simulated projects before they are built. In turn, this gives them the ability to control and track their projects in a highly effective manner. Sustainability and resilience retrofitting are possible via the use of various cutting-edge technologies and tools.

Join us, as our expert panel discusses the use of building technology (e.g. digital twins, BMS, IoT) and how these technologies help achieve sustainable and resilient retrofitted buildings all while achieving ratings and certifications in shorter periods of times.

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Johnny Fortune
Johnny Fortune  Moderator

Executive Director, National BIM Program, NIBS

Beth Eckenrode
Beth Eckenrode, BS-IE, MBA

Co-Founder, AUROS Group

Todd Lukesh
Todd Lukesh

Engagement Manager, Gafcon Digital, Inc., San Diego

John Turner
John Turner

CEO, Gafcon Digital, Inc., San Diego

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.10 CEU

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