Consultative Council

Consultative Council

About the Council

The Consultative Council assembles leaders within the building industry to discuss common issues and challenges, making recommendations to the executive and legislative branches of government to improve the nation's buildings and infrastructure.

  • Congress authorized the National Institute of Building Sciences to bring together representatives of government, the professions, industry, labor and consumer interests to identify and resolve building process and facility performance issues
  • NIBS is the unbiased forum for discussing issues and identifying opportunities within the building community
  • Policymakers make decisions impacting the entire building community; a united building community can influence appropriate actions
  • The Consultative Council provides a forum for regular interaction and discussion among key organizations
  • The Council performs other functions, as may be required by the NIBS bylaws or as directed by the Board of Directors

The Council is made up of key organizations representing the following sectors of the building community:

  • Consumer and General Interest - Consumers, users, academia, media, and public interest groups
  • Architects - Architects and related professionals in private practice
  • Engineers - Engineers and related professionals in private practice
  • Federal Government - Officials and representatives of federal government agencies
  • State and Local Government - Officials and representatives of state and local government, including code officials
  • Building Construction - Building construction contractors, subcontractors, and utilities
  • Labor Organizations - Building trade unions
  • Housing - Builders, developers, and housing producers
  • Building Materials and Products - Producers, manufacturers, and distributors of materials and products (including software) used in the building process
  • Codes and Standards - Standards and model code developing organizations
  • Real Estate, Finance and Insurance - Owners, real estate, financial, and insurance organizations
  • Research, Testing and Other Services - Research organizations, testing laboratories, and other service organizations

Council Officers

Mark N. Dorsey, CAE FASEI

CEO, Construction Specifications Institute

Vice Chair
Katharine E. Morgan

President, ASTM International

Institute Board Liaison
Thomas Izbicki, PE, FSFPE

Rolf Jensen & Associates, Inc., Plano, TX


Interested organizations are invited to apply for membership by completing the following:

  • Consultative Council Membership Application (PDF  PDF) ( MS Word MS Word)


For further details on the Council, please contact:

Kyle Barry
Project Manager

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