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2024 Moving Forward Report

The National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS) serves as the unbiased forum for solving common issues and identifying opportunities within the building community. The NIBS Consultative Council assembles high-level building community leaders to make collective recommendations directly to policymakers to improve our nation’s buildings and infrastructure. Members of the council include organizations representing consumers, architects, engineers, government officials, contractors, researchers, and housing officials. The goals of the council are three-fold:

  • Convene Thought Leaders: bringing together industry leaders and experts from across the built environment to improve our nation’s infrastructure and buildings.
  • Identify Challenges: assembling experts who identify key issues they believe will be facing the industry in the years ahead.
  • Find Solutions: developing and publishing a yearly report that offers solutions to key challenges the built environment faces.

In 2024, the Consultative Council investigates two critical access challenges facing the building industry: (1) Clean Water and Sanitation and (2) Housing Affordability. For each topic, the Council has evaluated the state of the industry, identified key issues, and made recommendations to industry actors and policymakers to help overcome these challenges. NIBS and the Consultative Council intend to revisit each topic periodically to track progress and discuss potential new challenges and solutions.


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Moving Forward Report 2024