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Functional Recovery Planning Committee Report

Following the January 2021 FEMA P-2090 / NIST SP-1254 Recommended Options for Improving the Built Environment for Post-Earthquake Reoccupancy and Functional Recovery Time (FEMA-NIST report) publication, as well as other notable efforts within the earthquake community, FEMA requested that BSSC’s formation of the PUC include a commitment to establish a specific Functional Recovery Task Committee in addition to other Issue Teams in order to advance the concepts of increased community resilience and improved post-earthquake functional recovery time within model building codes and structural design standards.

Improving post-earthquake reoccupancy and functional recovery time has recently received broad interest and support among community resilience advocates, earthquake risk mitigation professionals, building design practitioners, model code and standard developers, and building owners. In order to make early progress and set clear goals for the 2026 NEHRP Provisions update cycle, a Functional Recovery Planning Committee was formed to help define the scope, organizational structure, operational processes, focused areas of study, and expected deliverables of the Functional Recovery Task Committee in advance of it being formed. This report summarizes the recommendations of the Functional Recovery Planning Committee regarding the scope of the Functional Recovery Task Committee under the PUC for the development of the 2026 NEHRP Provisions.


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Functional Recovery Planning Committee Report