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2021 Built Environment Social Equity Survey
  • DEI Survey

Project Description

In December 2020, the National Institute of Building Services (NIBS) held a social equity roundtable with over two dozen organizations representing the built environment. This conversation resulted in a recommendation to advance the work on this issue, including obtaining consistent research from across the many sectors of the built environment. NIBS partnered with Avenue M Group (Avenue M), an independent market research and consulting firm, to conduct a comprehensive research study aimed at collecting critical data on the workforce of the built environment for the purpose of informing future initiatives on social equity.



NIBS invited more than 80 organizations to partner in this 2021 Built Environment Social Equity Survey (the Social Equity Survey). The following professional associations (ordered alphabetically) responded to an invitation to participate as a partnering organization and to send the survey to at least a sample of their U.S. contacts in the built environment:

Additionally, during survey fielding, the following organizations also distributed the survey to their contacts:


Project Details

  • CLIENT Avenue M Group, LLC
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