Off-Site Construction Council

Off-Site Construction Council

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"Off-site construction" is the planning, design, fabrication and assembly of building elements at a location other than their final installed location to support the rapid and efficient construction of a permanent structure. Such building elements may be prefabricated at a different location and transported to the site or prefabricated on the construction site and then transported to their final location. Off-site construction is characterized by an integrated planning and supply chain optimization strategy.

Internationally, prefabrication and off-site fabrication have provided numerous productivity benefits—specifically in the areas of labor, scheduling, cost, quality and safety. In the United States, the National Research Council has identified the expanded use of prefabrication and off-site fabrication as an important method for advancing the competitiveness and productivity of the domestic construction industry over the next 20 years.

The U.S. off-site design and construction industry has made significant advances in implementing processes and materials to build and deliver more sophisticated and complex facility types by virtue of system prefabrication, unitization, modularization and panelization. More and more owners are turning to off-site methods for multi-story wood construction, steel framed structures, healthcare facilities, educational structures and large-scale military projects. As an industry however, owners, architects, engineers and contractors up until now have lacked an unbiased source for evaluating the applicability and potential benefits for use of such methods, for determining where and when fabrication is appropriate, and for identifying the range of choices inherent in integrating and collaborating with fabricators.

In 2013, the National Institute of Building Sciences established the Off-Site Construction Council (OSCC) to serve as a research, education and outreach center for relevant and current information on off-site design and construction for commercial, institutional and multifamily facilities.

Membership in the OSCC is open to all members of the National Institute of Building Sciences. If you are already a member of the Institute, you may join the OSCC by emailing us at with "JOIN OSCC” in the subject line. Non-members may join the Institute and the Council by completing the online membership application. Sign up now to become a member.


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