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Multi-Hazard Mitigation Council (MMC)

About the Council

The Multi-Hazard Mitigation Council (MMC) serves a vital national need by establishing a body of experts in a multitude of related fields of building sciences that can address the challenges associated with the identification and implementation of effective natural-hazard mitigation practices. The Council is an independent entity that informs mitigation decisions in ways that lead to effective public policy on many levels.

The goals of the MMC are simple—promoting disaster resilience, becoming a focal point of credible information, and promoting whole-building strategies. However, the MMC recognizes that these goals, while worthy, present a unique set of challenges that will require collaboration with homeowners, commercial and industrial property owners, researchers, the public sector and many others in order to be achieved.

The MMC intends to utilize the Internet, social media, and good old fashioned on-the-ground work to reach out to the private and public sectors, especially at the local level. The MMC can produce and publish the best science and engineering in the world, but if this information is not usable, credible, understood and implemented, it is ultimately meaningless. The challenge before all members of the MMC is to continue to think beyond the science and engineering into the realm of public policy and private lives. Hazard mitigation only works when implemented and there are a number of real world barriers to that implementation. A large part of the MMC's mission is to identify how to reduce or eliminate those barriers when we are developing the best possible mitigation strategies, measures and policies.

Membership in the MMC is voluntary and includes public and private sector architects, engineers, contractors and risk assessment practitioners, as well as trade and professional associations, materials interests and others from communities across the United States.

The Council provides a forum for disaster professionals to exchange valuable information on emerging trends in building technology and federal policy, and to address building systems and software applications that play a critical role in disaster resilience and sustainability.


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