Our Expertise

The Institute maintains expertise in a variety of areas to serve the needs of our clients and advance the building industry towards realizing high-performance buildings and communities. As evidenced by our projects and our cadre of internal and external experts, the Institute provides the diverse expertise necessary to deliver results. Through the strategic use of expertise in the following areas, the Institute develops and executes cost effective solutions to industry or client issues.


High-performance organizations and programs drive the delivery of high-performance buildings. The Institute assists our clients in development and implementation of programs that support their goals while recognizing the changing dynamics of the building industry. In addition to our work with individual clients, the Institute regularly brings together industry leaders and visionaries to discuss the state of the industry and their foresight. This insight informs our leadership activities and our engagement with clients.

Identification/Integration of Cross-Discipline Expertise

Delivering a high-performance building requires the engagement of numerous disciplines and the integration and optimization of multiple performance attributes. With our unique focus on whole building, integrated approaches to high-performance buildings and a collaborative, problem solving environment, the Institute is uniquely situated to identify and implement solutions that cross disciplines. Our successes in cross-discipline integration go beyond the disciplines engaged in the built environment—past projects have brought together video gaming and energy efficiency experts; medical and lighting professionals; and IT/data services providers and facility management professionals.

Independent Review, Validation and Research

Successful programs often rely on the engagement of outside organizations for review and validation. The Institute's combination of expertise, independence and reputation provides an ideal forum to support establishment and management of independent review or validation panels. Our network of experts (both internal and external) stands ready to provide advice and validation services in support of client programs and processes. Acceptance of research results by stakeholders often depends on the unbiased nature of the entity conducting the research. Again, the Institute's independent nature and stature make it the ideal organization to conduct building-related research.

Subject Matter Expertise

Whether resident in a larger project conducted by the Institute for a client or just to fit a specific client need for expert services, the Institute has access to an extensive network of subject matter experts and corporations. Such access coupled with the Institute's special contracting mechanisms provides unprecedented opportunity to assure implementation of the most effective solution to identified challenges.


Complex issues within the building industry require engagement of numerous disciplines—often with different vocabularies and visions for the future. Developing solutions to such complex issues requires strong facilitation skills and the respect of participants. The Institute often provides facilitation expertise to both public and private sector clients and in our councils and committees. Communicating facilitated results in a manner accessible to project stakeholders requires numerous outreach mechanisms including development and dissemination of reports, conduct of webinars, and newsletter or journal articles.


The Institute maintains an unprecedented outreach network through the Whole Building Design Guide, the Journal of the National Institute of Building Sciences, the Building Research Information Knowledgebase and its Councils and Committees. Ongoing engagement with industry organizations through the Consultative Council and other leadership activities provide additional dissemination outlets. Frequent collaboration between the Institute's experienced communications and outreach team and project management staff supports the accessible expression and widespread diffusion of project results.

Tool Development

The development of tools to support decision making requires a deep understanding of the needs of users, the goals to be realized by implementation of the tool, and the technical expertise to assure that results are valid. The Institute has a strong track record in the development of tools that support owners, designers and communities. Working with our clients, industry experts and software developers, the Institute delivers user friendly and effective decision-support tools.

Education and Training

Essential to the effective implementation of best practices, new requirements or new tools are education and training. To develop and conduct education and training offerings, whether part of an existing or stand-alone project, the Institute brings together its strong technical expertise and the expertise of education professionals. The Institute is a recognized continuing education provider by the American Institute of Architects (AIA), the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI) and the International Code Council (ICC).

Criteria, Guidelines and Best Practices

Formalizing information in the form of criteria, guidelines and best practices support their consistent implementation and the ability to measure and verify results. Fulfilling the mandate given by Congress to develop, promulgate and maintain performance criteria, standards and other technical provisions, the Institute maintains a strong focus in this area. Through our expert network and the engagement of industry stakeholders, the Institute delivers criteria, guidelines and best practices to support client building activities or programs.

Innovative Solutions for the Built Environment

Established by the United States Congress, the Institute’s mission is to unite the entire building community in advancing building science and technology.

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