Council on Finance, Insurance and Real Estate

Council on Finance, Insurance and Real Estate

About the Council

It takes involvement from all sectors of the building industry and a holistic view of the construction process—from the original design concept on through to final demolition decades later—to achieve high-performance buildings. Banks, insurance companies, appraisers and real estate firms all play a significant role in how such buildings are procured, designed and constructed. How these different segments evaluate the risk associated with particular projects, technologies and practices can have an enormous impact on whether a specific idea gets the funding and insurance needed to move forward to fruition. However, banks, insurance companies, appraisers and real estate firms often lack the necessary data to support building industry efforts to go beyond "business-as-usual." The Council on Finance, Insurance and Real Estate (CFIRE) works to address these challenges by promoting a cooperative process and open dialogue among the different parties to support the achievement of cost-effective high-performance buildings.

The Council on Finance, Insurance and Real Estate (CFIRE) examines the intersection of finance, insurance, investment and design, construction and ownership to encourage the development and assist in the affordability of high-performance buildings.

The Council provides an objective source for information and identification of valid performance methodologies and provides a forum for the architectural/engineering/construction (AEC) and finance and insurance industries to come together to understand each other's perspectives/concerns and engage in problem solving.

The Council will identify and provide resources needed to conduct, coordinate, promote and sponsor research and development activities related to information exchange, education and training, the conduct of forums and workshops; management of research and research-related projects; dissemination of information; and review of work performed by others. The Council may develop (or support the development of) and recommend standards, guidelines and conformity assessment programs; stimulate innovation in government and within the sectors of the economy; and promote increased understanding and communications among architects, engineers, contractors, owners, insurance, banking, investment, appraisal, voluntary standards organizations, government agencies and other sectors of the economy.

This Council also serves as a focal point for bringing the perspectives of the finance, insurance and real estate community into the Institute's other councils and programs.


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