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These proceedings are from a workshop which focused on residential moisture problems, health effects, building damage, and moisture control. The workshop was sponsored by BETEC and Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The proceedings were edited by William Rose of the University of Illinois and Erv Bales of the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Among the many important issues addressed are: the ideal relative humidity for the house envelope, for the inside space, for the contents, for people, and for other living things in a house; the best strategy for controlling humidity; situations in the house that contribute to the spread of disease-causing organisms; and the relationship between humidity, construction practices and the infestation of insects. Other issues addressed are: effective ventilation, how a ventilation system should be designed to provide effective ventilation, the connections between humidity levels and the health of occupants, and actions the federal and state government should take.

Publication No. 3009 (71 Pages/1991)

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