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2018 Award Entry - Category D: Innovations for High-Performance Bldgs.

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Category D: Innovations for High-Performance Buildings & Communities

In the growing effort to achieve high-performance buildings and communities, many entities are implementing innovative methods, tools and practices to achieve performance goals. Such efforts may not be obvious during the design and construction process but nonetheless deserve recognition for their potential to influence future high-performance projects. Category D offers this opportunity for recognition.

Eligible Innovations:

  • Funding Mechanisms
  • Insurance Products
  • Contracting Mechanisms
  • Design, Construction or Operations Processes
  • Code Department Administration and Code Compliance
  • Community Resilience Planning and Design
  • Research
  • Emerging Issues (including Social Responsibility, Energy-Water Nexus, etc.)

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Whole Building Design Objectives. The high-performance attributes the innovation addresses.
  • Benefits. The benefits to the owner/client, community and the industry as a whole. Describe the uniqueness of the solution and how this innovation differs from current practice. How the innovation addresses a specific issue being faced by the industry.
  • Replicability or Applicability. How easily the innovation can be utilized on other projects.
  • Innovation. Unique aspects of the innovation and the problem to be solved.
  • Energy and Environment. How your entry promotes energy and water savings and/or the use of renewable resources.
  • Resilience. How the innovation contributes to the resilience of a building or community.
  • Integrated Design. How the innovation brings together a unified team to address the various design objectives.

Submission Requirements:

Submissions will only be accepted through the online submission process. Below is a brief outline of the type of information requested within the submission forms:

  • Description:
    • Provide a description of the innovation, its purpose, the building types to which it can apply, participants in its development or implementation, and the cost of implementation (if known).
  • Evaluation:
    • Explain how the innovation came to be developed, and describe how the innovation addresses a specific issue faced by the industry.
    • Describe current practices and why this one is superior to others.
    • Describe both positive and negative aspects of the innovation.
    • Describe synergies that resulted from the eight design objectives you address in your innovation.
  • Additional Supporting Materials:
    • Include materials that document results of the innovation, testimonials, explanatory diagrams, independent evaluations, awards, recognitions and analyses/reports as appropriate.


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