The National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS) is the only place that brings together a unique group of building industry professionals, in addition to government, non-profits, private sector and academia, to develop solutions to the challenges faced in the built environment. Members develop and implement technical and procedural improvements through collaboration within NIBS’ councils, committees and programs.

Membership provides access to weigh in on member projects that shape the future of the place people live, work, learn, and play. Join the NIBS and become part of the solution. 

Individual Memberships

Individual Member-Public Interest

Open to any individual employed by, or otherwise affiliated with government, consumer organizations, non-profit research and educational organizations, or the media; and architects, professional engineers or other design professionals who are not employees of nor have a financial interest in corporate organizations that produce, sell, distribute or install building products or materials; and retirees (from public interest or industry sector).
Annual Dues: $125 – Join at this level

Individual Member-Industry

Open to any individual not qualifying for membership in the "public interest sector" and including persons employed by or otherwise associated with construction, labor organizations, home builders, building or construction contractors; producers, distributors or manufacturers of building products; trade and professional associations; organizations engaged in real estate, finance or research and testing of building products; and code and standards organizations.
Annual Dues: $225 – Join at this level

Individual Member-Student

Open to any individual enrolled as a full-time student in an institution of higher learning. Proof of enrollment is required. Student members are eligible to participate on any open Institute council and/or committee.
Annual Dues: $40 – Join at this level

Organization Memberships

Sustaining Organization

Open to any corporation, trade or professional association, government agency, non-profit organization, individual or others desiring to provide additional support for and participation with the Institute to achieve the goals and objectives established by U.S. Congress (Public-Law 93-383). Sustaining organizations may designate up to five individuals from their organization to be Institute Members.
Annual Dues: $1,000 – Join at this level

Contributing Organization

Organizations making an exceptional membership commitment to the Institute are afforded the same rights and privileges as sustaining organizations and such other rights and privileges as authorized by the Board of Directors.
Annual Dues: $5,000 – Join at this level

Interest Groups

The Institute classifies members in one of the following twelve groups in order to ensure an appropriate representation of the various interests of the building community in the makeup of NIBS' project committees. Below is a list of those groups based on a Member's primary trade, occupational or business affiliation.

  • Consumer and General Interest: Consumers, users, academia, media, and public interest groups.
  • Architects: Architects and related professionals in private practice.
  • Engineers: Engineers and related professionals in private practice.
  • Federal Government: Officials and representatives of federal government agencies.
  • State and Local Government: Officials and representatives of state and local government including code officials.
  • Building Construction: Building construction contractors, subcontractors and utilities.
  • Labor Organizations: Building trade unions.
  • Housing: Builders, developers and housing producers.
  • Building Materials and Products: Producers, manufactures and distributors of materials and products used in the building process.
  • Standards: Standards writing or producing organizations.
  • Real Estate, Finance or Insurance: Realtors, owners, financial and insurance organizations.

Innovative Solutions for the Built Environment

Established by the United States Congress, the Institute’s mission is to unite the entire building community in advancing building science and technology.

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