Low Vision Design Committee

Low Vision Design Committee

About the Committee

The Low Vision Design Committee, established in November, 2011, by the National Institute of Building Sciences, focuses on development of design principles and regulatory guidelines for creating safer and more accommodating environments for the growing population of people with low vision. The program is the offspring of the seminal Workshop on Improving Building Design for Persons with Low Vision, held in Washington, DC, in September 2010. Like the workshop, the Low Vision Design Program emphasizes collaborative efforts among federal agencies, the design professions, and the medical community.

Mission Statement

The U.S. population with low vision (defined as a chronic visual impairment that causes functional limitations or disability) and other disease- or other age-related vision challenges has been growing. The need to accommodate this population in the built environment must be addressed and has been emphasized with the increase of older adults in the general population.

NIBS is charged with the identification and resolution of problems and potential problems that hamper the design, construction and operation of safe, affordable structures for housing, commerce and industry throughout the United States. The mission of the Committee on Low Vision Design is to address the needs of all occupants of the built environment, including those with low vision, through improvements in designs and operational procedures for new and existing buildings facilities to enhance the function, safety, and quality of life. The Committee will identify existing knowledge and needs for further research to accomplish these objectives.


The Low Vision Design Committee is funded through the generous support of the Hulda B. and Maurice Rothschild Foundation and the James H. McClung Lighting Research Foundation.

  • Hulda B. and Maurice Rothschild Foundation
  • James H. McClung Lighting Research Foundation


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Institute Board Liaison
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