Honors and Awards

Each year, the National Institute of Building Sciences recognizes individuals and organizations that have provided outstanding service to the organization, building community, and nation.

Mortimer M. Marshall Lifetime Achievement Award

The Mortimer M. Marshall Lifetime Achievement Award is the organization’s highest honor. It is awarded to someone who has demonstrated a lifetime of dedication to the mission and goals of NIBS. Mortimer M. Marshall was the first member of NIBS. The lifetime achievement award was established in 2011. Marshall passed away in 2018.

Stephen Ayers

2019 The Honorable Stephen T. Ayers, FAIA, NAC, CCM, LEED AP
On February 24, 2010, President Barack Obama nominated Stephen T. Ayers to serve as the 11th Architect of the Capitol. On May 12, 2010, the United States Senate, by unanimous consent, confirmed Ayers, and on May 13, 2010, the President officially appointed Ayers to a 10-year term as Architect of the Capitol.

Ayers was responsible for facilities maintenance and operation of the historic U.S. Capitol Building, the care and improvement of more than 570 acres of grounds and the operation and maintenance of 18.6 million square feet of buildings, including the House and Senate Congressional office buildings, Capitol Visitor Center, Library of Congress buildings, U.S. Supreme Court Building, Thurgood Marshall Federal Judiciary Building, and other facilities. He was responsible for the care of all works of art in the Capitol under the direction of the Joint Committee on the Library and was responsible for the maintenance and restoration of murals, outdoor sculpture and other architectural elements throughout the Capitol complex. He also serves as Acting Director of the U.S. Botanic Garden and the National Garden.

As Architect of the Capitol, Ayers was a member of the Capitol Police Board and Congressional Accessibility Services Board, as well as an ex officio member of the United States Capitol Preservation Commission. Additionally, the Architect of the Capitol is a member of the District of Columbia Zoning Commission, President's Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, National Capital Memorial Commission, Art Advisory Committee to the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, and National Institute for Conservation of Cultural Property.

Under Ayers' leadership, the Architect of the Capitol reduced carbon emissions, improved energy efficiency and implemented sustainable design practices throughout the Capitol complex. Ayers was also committed to supporting small businesses to help facilitate competition and support local communities and has implemented several programs to actively award contracts to companies that reflect the diversity of our country. The Architect of the Capitol has approximately 2,300 employees and an annual budget of more than $730 million.


2018 Henry L. Green, Hon. AIA

2017 James T. Ryan, COB

2016 Gerald H. Jones, P.E.

2015 Emory R. Rodgers

2014 Earle Kennett

2013 Jimmy Wayne Sealy, FAIA

2012 Steven Hays, PE, CIH and FACEC

2011 Mortimer M. Marshall, FAIA, NOMAC

Joseph B. Donovan

Joseph B. Donovan is being recognized for his tenure as Chair of the NIBS Board of Directors. Donovan oversees and directs Beacon Capital Partners’ emergency response program for its portfolio within the United States, London, and Paris. He has worked with 17 real estate management companies to develop and execute emergency and crisis management programs with the goal to minimize the impact of events and to support the local, regional and national public service groups’ needs to respond to events.

Joseph B. Donovan

Joseph B. Donovan oversees and directs Beacon Capital Partners’ emergency response program for its portfolio within the United States, London, and Paris. He has worked with 17 real estate management companies to develop and execute emergency and crisis management programs with the goal to minimize the impact of events and to support the local, regional and national public service groups’ needs to respond to events.

In late 2015, Donovan accepted a Presidential Appointment by President Barack Obama to the Board of Directors of National Institute of Building Sciences, where he has focused on Resilience of Life Line Sectors in support of the U.S. economy absorbing and recovering from incidents. He served as Chair for two years before stepping down in April 2020.

He is the past Chair for the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) national preparedness committee, a position he held from 2008 to 2012. During his tenure, Donovan worked to reorganize this group with the objectives to build working relationships with key industry associations (Public Health, Police, Fire, Public Transportation, Rail, etc.). The committee’s goal was to catalog existing needs and create a framework for growth and networking for resiliency, expand the network of preparedness nationally, and coordinate the rewriting and updating of the Preparedness Guide for BOMA.

Donovan is Past Co-Chair of the Real Estate Roundtable’s Homeland Security Taskforce Committee and has worked with other industries and representatives of the Department of Homeland Security to study and create programs for the Commercial Facilities Sector, and restructure the RE-ISAC to meet the ever-changing demands of today’s environment.

Donovan is past Co-Chair of the Commercial Facilities Sector Coordinating Council, which represents the eight subsectors within the government relating to resilience and intelligence issues. This was his second time in the role as Co- Chair, and he recently coordinated the completion of Sector Specific Plan for the upcoming four years.

He also was Co-Chair of the NIAC Study Working Group for Intelligence Information Sharing Study to study and then recommend improvements to the information flows between the private sector and Federal intelligence agencies.

Donovan, through his membership within DSAC, has worked with senior FBI and DHS members to define and launch Project Touchstone to enhance and strengthen the needed ongoing information sharing and education required between the FBI, private sector members, and local first responders. In 2013, Donovan received the FBI’s Director’s Award for Community Leadership for his efforts to support the rollout of Touchstone in key cities within the United States.

Betty and Mort Marshall Memorial Scholarship

The Betty and Mort Marshall Memorial Scholarship Fund was established to promote diversity in the building sciences.

Jenna Greer
Architecture, Howard University
Anticipated Graduation: Spring 2022

Tanaka Chakanyuka
Civil Engineering, Southern University
Anticipated Graduation: Spring 2021

Member Award

To be awarded to a member or members of NIBS or affiliated Councils who have made a substantial contribution in support of the mission, goals, and objectives of NIBS.

2018 Cheryl A. Smith, AIA, LEED-AP

2017 M. Dennis Knight, PE

2016 Ryan E. Smith

2015 International Code Council

2014 NIBS STEM Education BIM Development Team

2013 Martin Weiland, PE

2012 Thomas Gay

2011 Get Moy, PhD, PE

2010 William East

2009 Ronald Burton

2008 David Altenhofen, AIA

2007 Henry L. Green, Hon. AIA

2006 Wagdy A.Y. Anis, FAIA

2005 Jimmy Wayne Sealy, FAIA

2004 R. David Curfman, PE and Dennis Talton, RA

2003 Vijay K. Gupta, PE

2002 Paul K. Heilstedt, PE

2001 David B. Eakin, PE

2000 Herbert Yudenfriend

1998 Robert C. Gibson, P.E.

1997 Dana K. Smith, AIA

1996 David L. Ledvinka

1995 William B. King

1994 Jasper S. Hawkins, FAIA

1993 William Hoffman

Honor Award

To be awarded to an individual or organization that has made an exceptional contribution to the nation and the building community.

2018 Sponsors of the Natural Hazard Mitigation Saves: 2017 Interim Report

2017 WBDG Whole Building Design Guide Advisory Committee

2016 National BIM Guide for Owners Committee

2015 Low Vision Design Committee (LVDC)

2014 Mohammed M. Ettouney, Sc.D PE

2013 Wagdy A.Y. Anis, FAIA

2012 FEMA/FIMA Hazard Reduction Program

2011 Michelle Fox, PhD

2010 Christopher Doyle

2009 Congressman Russ Carnahan

2008 Department of Veteran Affairs, Office of Construction and Facility Management

2007 U.S. General Services Administration/Public Buildings Capital Construction Programs

2006 Sustainable Buildings Industry Council

2005 James H. Turner, Jr.

2004 Dennis J. Hall, AIA FCSI

2003 The Infrastructure Security Partnership

2002 Rear Admiral Michael R. Johnson, CEC

2001 Charles Thornton, PhD, PE

2000 Gerald H. Jones, PE

1998 Institute for Business and Home Safety

1997 International Code Council and Office of the Secretary of Defense

1996 Robert M. Dillon, AIA, PE

1995 NIST Building and Fire Research Laboratory

1994 Federal Emergency Management Agency

1993 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

President's Award

To be awarded to an individual or organization in recognition of extraordinary efforts to assist in advancing the mission of NIBS.

2018 Holly A. Velez

2017 Henry H. Chamberlain

2016 Honorable Alice C. Smith

2015 David S. Collins, FAIA, NCARB

2013 International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials

2012 The American Institute of Architects

2011 Mila Kennett

2010 Dennis Milsten

2009 Robert Kistler, AIA

2008 National Institute of Building Sciences Staff

2007 Get W. Moy, PhD, PE and Michael Pfeiffer, PE

2006 David R. Conover

2005 Patrick MacLeamy, FAIA

2004 Christopher E. Reseigh, PE

2003 Henry R. Sodano

2002 Lloyd H. Siegel, FAIA

2001 John B. Lyons

2000 Ezra Ehrenkrantz, FAIA

1998 Ernest William Brodt, Jr.

1997 Kenneth M. Schoonover, PE

1996 Marsha K. Mazz

1995 Richard H. Karney

1994 Ronald J. Morony, PE

1993 Ugo Morelli and Thomas V. Bee

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