Honors and Awards

Each year, the National Institute of Building Sciences recognizes individuals and organizations that have provided outstanding service to the Institute, the building community and the nation.

Member Award

To be awarded to a member or members of NIBS or affiliated Councils who have made a substantial contribution in support of the mission, goals, and objectives of NIBS.

2018 Cheryl A. Smith, AIA, LEED-AP

2017 M. Dennis Knight, PE

2016 Ryan E. Smith

2015 International Code Council

2014 NIBS STEM Education BIM Development Team

2013 Martin Weiland, PE

2012 Thomas Gay

2011 Get Moy, PhD, PE

2010 William East

2009 Ronald Burton

2008 David Altenhofen, AIA

2007 Henry L. Green, Hon. AIA

2006 Wagdy A.Y. Anis, FAIA

2005 Jimmy Wayne Sealy, FAIA

2004 R. David Curfman, PE and Dennis Talton, RA

2003 Vijay K. Gupta, PE

2002 Paul K. Heilstedt, PE

2001 David B. Eakin, PE

2000 Herbert Yudenfriend

1998 Robert C. Gibson, P.E.

1997 Dana K. Smith, AIA

1996 David L. Ledvinka

1995 William B. King

1994 Jasper S. Hawkins, FAIA

1993 William Hoffman

Honor Award

To be awarded to an individual or organization that has made an exceptional contribution to the nation and the building community.

2018 Sponsors of the Natural Hazard Mitigation Saves: 2017 Interim Report

2017 WBDG Whole Building Design Guide Advisory Committee

2016 National BIM Guide for Owners Committee

2015 Low Vision Design Committee (LVDC)

2014 Mohammed M. Ettouney, Sc.D PE

2013 Wagdy A.Y. Anis, FAIA

2012 FEMA/FIMA Hazard Reduction Program

2011 Michelle Fox, PhD

2010 Christopher Doyle

2009 Congressman Russ Carnahan

2008 Department of Veteran Affairs, Office of Construction and Facility Management

2007 U.S. General Services Administration/Public Buildings Capital Construction Programs

2006 Sustainable Buildings Industry Council

2005 James H. Turner, Jr.

2004 Dennis J. Hall, AIA FCSI

2003 The Infrastructure Security Partnership

2002 Rear Admiral Michael R. Johnson, CEC

2001 Charles Thornton, PhD, PE

2000 Gerald H. Jones, PE

1998 Institute for Business and Home Safety

1997 International Code Council and Office of the Secretary of Defense

1996 Robert M. Dillon, AIA, PE

1995 NIST Building and Fire Research Laboratory

1994 Federal Emergency Management Agency

1993 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

President's Award

To be awarded to an individual or organization in recognition of extraordinary efforts to assist in advancing the mission of NIBS.

2018 Holly A. Velez

2017 Henry H. Chamberlain

2016 Honorable Alice C. Smith

2015 David S. Collins, FAIA, NCARB

2013 International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials

2012 The American Institute of Architects

2011 Mila Kennett

2010 Dennis Milsten

2009 Robert Kistler, AIA

2008 National Institute of Building Sciences Staff

2007 Get W. Moy, PhD, PE and Michael Pfeiffer, PE

2006 David R. Conover

2005 Patrick MacLeamy, FAIA

2004 Christopher E. Reseigh, PE

2003 Henry R. Sodano

2002 Lloyd H. Siegel, FAIA

2001 John B. Lyons

2000 Ezra Ehrenkrantz, FAIA

1998 Ernest William Brodt, Jr.

1997 Kenneth M. Schoonover, PE

1996 Marsha K. Mazz

1995 Richard H. Karney

1994 Ronald J. Morony, PE

1993 Ugo Morelli and Thomas V. Bee

Mortimer M. Marshall Lifetime Achievement Award

NIBS' highest honor to be awarded to someone who has demonstrated a lifetime of dedication to the mission and goals of NIBS. Established in 2011 and named after the organization's first member, the award is bestowed upon those who exhibit the passion upon which NIBS is founded.

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