Commissioning Industry Leaders Council

Commissioning Industry Leaders Council

About the Council

The National Institute of Building Sciences established the Commissioning Industry Leaders Council (CxILC) in 2013 to advance the performance of buildings through the use of whole building and building system commissioning through education and training; public outreach; publications; and knowledge sharing.

The Council:

  • Provides a neutral forum for commissioning interest groups to share information and solidify the expert base of commissioning practitioners.
  • Encourages development and identification of best practices, standards and guidance for commissioning in connection with other Institute councils and industry groups, to promote an integrated approach to achieving levels of performance desired by building owners, designers, and policymakers.
  • Identifies and provides resources needed to conduct, coordinate, promote and sponsor research and development activities related to commissioning through information exchanges; education and training; the conduct of forums and workshops; management of research and research-related projects; dissemination of information; and review of work performed by others.
  • Develops (or supports the development of) and recommends standards, guidelines and conformity assessment programs and promotes increased understanding of commissioning among architects, engineers, contractors, owners, insurance, banking, investment, appraisal, voluntary standards organizations, government agencies and other sectors of the economy.

Membership in the CxILC is open to any individual or organization engaged directly or indirectly in activities supporting the purpose and scope of the Council.


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