COVID-19 Virtual Town Hall Webinar Series

Bringing America back to work and restarting the economy will take planning and vision. Any movement in the direction toward reentering and repopulating buildings, businesses, and transportation systems must follow the health and safety guidelines set forth by science and data, the federal government, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and World Health Organization.

The National Institute of Building Sciences is hosting a series of COVID-19 virtual town halls. These town halls place subject matter experts before a wide audience of built environment professionals, members from the public and private sectors, and city, state, and federal government representatives. The guidance may change from day to day, given the unique circumstances with where states stand on reopening.

Preparing for Reentering Buildings

Our expert panel covered preparing the office or workplace (cleaning, disinfecting and decontamination), HVAC and water systems, elevators and transportation. Also, what happens when a colleague contracts the virus?

Mental Health and Sanitation of COVID-19 Facilities

Our expert panel covered re-occupancy (spaces used to house COVID-19 patients and/or medical personnel), sanitation of spaces, and workforce mental health.

The Future of Design & Construction

Our expert panel covered how offices may be redesigned moving forward, the importance of facility management, what will become of co-work spaces, and future of commercial buildings

Healthy Buildings & the Effect on Public Health During the Pandemic

Our expert panel will discuss the importance of healthy buildings, public health, climate justice, the green energy sector

Innovative Solutions for the Built Environment

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