Building Innovation 2016 Conference & Expo Program Track Two

Conference Program

Track 2: Preparation and Performance –
Realizing Resilience through Incentives

Achieving community resilience relies on the engagement and action of numerous stakeholders—from commercial and residential building owners to utilities and government leaders—and offering incentives provides a powerful mechanism to encourage tough decision making. Over the course of two days, this track, via two stand-alone symposia, will examine the multiple incentive packages available to these audiences to advance investment in mitigation and resilience. Focused group discussions and expert panels will promote the coordination of efforts across industry silos, with the goal of shifting paradigms and identifying public policies to improve resilience amidst increasing natural and man-caused threats. The track will culminate in a listening panel of high-level industry leaders and public officials to discuss the path forward for deployment of such incentives.

The white paper, Developing Pre-Disaster Resilience Based on Public and Private Incentivization, developed by the Multihazard Mitigation Council (MMC) and Council on Finance, Insurance and Real Estate (CFIRE), presents a broad range of recommended incentives. This paper will serve as the initiation point for the discussions within these two symposia.

Day 1: Facility Performance and Sustainability SymposiumRealizing Resilience: Incentives for Owners and Operators

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