Building Innovation 2016 Conference & Expo Program Track One

Conference Program

Track 1: Guidance and Groundwork – People, Processes, Tools and Technologies to Reach Resilience

The U.S. building industry is facing significant challenges: addressing the impacts of climate change; achieving sustainability; assuring asset and community resilience; and managing risk. At the same time, it is widely recognized as a fragmented industry with divergent interests and priorities. The need and the opportunity to address these challenges—that affect the industry and the nation as a whole—has never been more critical, but it must be done through the implementation of strategic and collaborative approaches. Examining multiple factors that drive the industry—from people and processes to technology and information—will help establish an effective path forward. Over the course of two days, this track, via two stand-alone symposia, will examine the impediments the building industry faces to achieving high-performance building goals, and highlight efforts currently underway to facilitate the transition to a high-performance built environment capable of meeting the challenges of the future.

Day 1: Industry Leadership & Advocacy SymposiumPeople and Processes to Reach Resilience

Day 2: Information Resources & Technologies SymposiumTools and Technologies to Reach Resilience

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