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Financing Small Commercial Building Energy Performance Upgrades Webinar

Small commercial buildings (generally defined as less than 50,000 square feet) represent the preponderance of the U.S. commercial building stock, yet they are a largely untapped source for significant energy savings. CFIRE recently issued a report that examined why there is such a limited investment in retrofitting this sector. Entitled Financing Small Commercial Building Energy Performance Upgrades: Challenges and Opportunities PDF, the report offers findings and recommendations to help unlock the potential energy savings in the largest segment of the nation's building stock.

The webinar highlights existing programs that are successfully supporting retrofits for small commercial buildings; identifies the significant opportunities presented by this segment of the industry; and covers the report's findings and recommendations, which are aimed at government, retrofit providers and building owners.

Presenters include Leanne Tobias, CFIRE chair and principal of Malachite LLC, who led development of the report; James Finlay, principal at Finlay Consulting Group, a main contributor to the report; Rois Langner, an engineer in the Commercial Buildings Research Group at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, where she focuses on barriers to energy efficiency; and Ryan M. Colker, program director for CFIRE at the National Institute of Building Sciences.

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Webinar Agenda

Welcome & Introduction to the Institute
Ryan M. Colker, Presidential Advisor, National Institute of Building Sciences

Defining the Magnitude of the Opportunity
Leanne Tobias, Principal, Malachite LLC

What’s Working: Overview of Current Efforts
Rois Langner, Engineer, Commercial Buildings Research Group, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

The Barriers & the Opportunities
James Finlay, Principal, Finlay Consulting Group

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