Thought Leadership Subcommittee

Thought Leadership Subcommittee

The Thought Leadership subcommittee is focused on providing the visionary leadership for the Alliance.

The subcommittee will focus on activities to:

  • Identify emerging trends and existing barriers; develop a prioritized set of tactical actions necessary to accomplish the objectives in the bSa 2015 Strategic Plan.
  • Develop, communicate and incubate innovative ideas and approaches to provide actionable direction for all bSa subcommittees. Products could include content such as proof of concept prototypes, white papers, reports and commentary for developed standards;
  • Be an industry-recognized source for critical debate of industry issues related to collaboration, technology and information standards; and
  • Provide awareness of innovative changes to the industry members, government policy makers, and software providers.

The subcommittee will develop and maintain a series of white papers focused on specific issues that impact the Alliance, and its members.


Kimon Onuma
Bim Stormtrooper
Onuma, Inc
Vice Chair
John Roach
Ecosystem Captain
Murphy Tate LLC
Mike Bordenaro
BIM Agent
BIM Education Co-op
BOD Liasion
Van Woods


Yong Ku Kim
BIM Skywalker
Renee Tietjen
Owner's Voice
Department of
Veterans Affairs

Joe Manganelli
Ilana Hellmann
General Services
Monte Chapin
Graphisoft US
Brad Dubinsky
BIM Commander
Klaros Technologies

Mike Chipley
Cyber BIM Master
PMC Group
Bill Napier
Wisconsin Department
of Administration
T.J. Gottwalt
Stephen Hagan
The BIM Father
Hagan Technologies
Finith Jernigan
4Site Press

For More Information Contact

Kimon Onuma
Chair, Thought Leadership Subcommittee
Onuma, Inc.

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