buildingSMART alliance Testimonials

buildingSMART alliance™ Testimonials

Why is GSA is involved with bSa?…"GSA supports the continuing research, development, and implementation of open standards in Building Information Modeling (BIM) such as the Industry Foundation Classes (IFC), the Information Delivery Manual (IDM) and the Model View Definitions (MVD) approaches to describe and display the information required for the design, construction, and operation of constructed facilities and the interfacing of Geographic Information Systems (GIS)- related open standards."

Peggy Yee, PhD
Program Expert, National 3D-4D-BIM Program
Strategic Programs & Resources
National Office of Design & Construction
GSA Public Buildings Service

Sponsorship of the buildingSMART alliance is a crucial aspect of our firm's desire to affect meaningful change in our industry. The alliance connects us with pioneers who will drive improved efficiency and productivity in design and construction processes.

Getting involved in the development of open BIM standards allows architects and engineers to help shape process improvements and interoperability without being at the mercy of large software developers. These efforts will provide a basis for standardized data exchange between owner, operator, builder, fabricator, and design team.

James Vandezande

I joined the buildingSMART alliance because open information exchange standards just make sense – and the National BIM Standard (NBIMS) is the glue that holds it all together. As a graduate student, bSa has given me the opportunity to learn about BIM from experienced built environment professionals, many who are passionate about moving BIM for the life cycle from vision to reality.

Angela Lewis
PhD Student
University of Reading

The transformation of paper to electronic medical records in the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has profoundly changed and improved medical care for veterans. By consolidating medical information and allowing it to flow where it is needed in real time has directly increased higher quality health outcomes. The same value proposition exists for VA facilities: access to consolidated, historical and real time information about the "health" of a medical facility will allow VA to improve maintenance and operational performance, thereby lowering lifecycle costs and freeing resources for VA's core mission. VA fully supports the development of national standards for BIM and other data standards under the umbrella of buildingSMART Alliance that are necessary to achieve our critical mission goals.

Renée Tietjen AIA RLA LEED-AP
Senior Architect
Department of Veterans Affairs

AECO project teams work within the reality that there can never be a single software application that includes all types of information or supports all types of design, construction and operations activities. Therefore interoperability between different applications and data storage formats is mandatory. Defining and seeking industry consensus on information standards and data exchange requirements helps us (as a solution provider) to prioritize interoperability development efforts. Our active participation in the buildingSMART alliance enables us to contribute to and benefit from the development of practical and relevant standards.

Andy Smith, AIA
Solutions Executive
Bentley Systems, Inc.

AISC and bSa share many common goals for improving the efficiency and productivity of the construction industry. As a longtime advocate for open standards and improving interoperability, AISC fully embraces and supports bSa's mission and the development of the NBIMS-US. bSa effectively serves as the information exchange hub and the driver of an open standard that will allow every trade and profession to contribute to improved industry productivity.

Technology and BIM continues to gain traction and evolve at breakneck speeds. Only when we look back in 20 years will we understand just how monumental the changes were and just how much the construction industry fundamentally changed. bSa recognizes this fact already and NBIMS is the tool to help us all get there unharmed. We see sponsorship of bSa and NBIMS as an investment in the future of not only the steel industry we represent, but of the whole construction industry."

Chris Moor
Director of Industry Initiatives
American Institute of Steel Construction

Having been involved in the building industry over the past 35 years, I come to understand what the digital world could do for our industry, but have struggled with creating and implementing technology systems to manage our built environment. One of our greatest challenges is how to succinctly communicate what each stakeholder is to provide or accomplish. Often each stakeholder has their own language, when what we need to do is standardize common terms and best practices we all can use.

I am extremely excited and hopeful as a member of the buildingSMART alliance. There have been some attempts to refine the information management needs of the building industry and I see buildingSMART alliance playing a major role in bringing a sorely needed refinement to reality. I look forward to supporting buildingSMART alliance in any way I am able, and I hope many others join us in elevating the building industry to meet the needs of the 21st century and beyond.

Steve Holzer

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