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MARCH 11, 2009

COBIE Implementation Testing: TMA
Import of COBIE Spreadsheet

by E. William East, PhD, PE - Engineer Research and Development Center, U.S. Army, Corps of Engineers

The evaluation of Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) implementation of COBIE conducted at the March 2009 COBIE Challenge was accomplished as a live "quality assurance" check. Direct quality control for the import of COBIE data cannot be accomplished due to each vendor's proprietary information mappings and storage formats. As a result, CMMS vendors self-certified the extent of their implementation of COBIE import. The vendor's certification letter is provided below.

TMA previously demonstrated their COBIE import capability during the July 2008 Information Exchange Demo. Since that initial Challenge, TMA has reduced the time required for users to import COBIE design, construction, and commissioning information into the TMA CMMS to under a minute.

At the Mar 2009 COBIE Challenge the vendor loaded the COBIE spreadsheet used for the Challenge into a new, blank building. The vendor then demonstrated that the imported data was the same as the data that had been loaded into their products. Vendors were provided a script of Quality Control checks and demonstrated these checks during the live demonstration. The quality assurance checks listed below were conducted as a "spot checks" during the demonstration.

TMA Systems CMMS COBIE File import

Software Name Web TMA
Software Version 4.0
Vendor's Certification PDF 24 KB
Special Setup Notes PDF 80 KB
Vendor Overview PDF 48 KB
Quality Assurance Checks Conducted on Maintenance Data
1. Verify building name was correctly imported.

Q: What is the name of the building you imported?
A: "Maintenance Facility"

Result: Pass
2. Verify that correct room names and numbers were imported.

Q: What is the name of room 104?
A: "Office/Break"

Result: Pass
3. Verify that room function codes were imported or translated to local classification scheme.

Q: What type of work goes on in room 102?
A: "13-81 21 24 Telecommunications Room"

Result: Pass
4. Verify that equipment is identified as part of the designated building service.

Q: Equipment makes up the "Electrical Service"
A: Transformer,Conduits, Breakers, and Switches

Result: Pass
5. Verify that the equipment is identified within a single room.

Q: Where is AHU-1? (id=48)
A: Room 100-B

Result: Pass
6. Verify installed equipment is identified.

Q: What is the make/model of the Utility Transformer? (id=74)
A: Square D. 100S3HEE (id=74)

Result: Pass
7. Verify that the equipment warranty information was loaded.

Q: Who holds the overhead doors warranty? (id=2)
A: SEATAC Overhead doors (id=11)

Result: Pass
8. Verify replacement part information was loaded.

Q: Where can I buy fire alarm system parts? (id=19)
A: Performance Spares, HONGBO Parts (id's 16,17)

Result: Pass
9. Verify that PM schedules were loaded.

Q: What PM's are required for the HVAC System?
A: Provide general description

Q: What PM's are required for the Overhead Doors? (id=6)
A: 2 annual inspections, 1 quarterly inspection. (id's 6, 32, 34)

Result: Pass
10. Verify Safety plan information was loaded.

Q: Demonstrate where O.H. Door lockout has been loaded (id=5)
A: (in V08 sample file it comes in under Register ID 7!)

Result: Pass
11. Verify that tools, materials, and training have been uploaded.

Q: What is required for Electric Crane (Quarterly) (id=22)
A: matls "Crane Cable" (id=17), "R-16 Grease" (id=18)
A: tools "Calipher" (id=4), id=17 NOT IN SAMPLE DATA!
A: training: "Bridge Crane Certification" (id=8)

Result: Not Checked during meeting due to time limit.
Quality Assurance Checks Conducted on Asset Management Data
Q: Is equipment identified as fixed/moveable property?
A: Yes = Pass, No=Fail

Result: Not Checked during meeting due to time limit.
Q: How many pieces of "fixed" equipment are installed in this building?
A: 82 individually named components are identified

Result: Not Checked during meeting due to time limit.
Q: Was any space measurement information imported?
A: Yes = Pass, No=Fail

Result: Not Checked during meeting due to time limit.

Implementation Support

This vendor has identified the following COBIE Point of Contact to assist your efforts:

TMA Systems
3457 South Atlanta Place
Tulsa, OK 74105

Mike Koenig

Luis Pino

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