COBie Construction Templates

COBie Construction Templates

by Mariangelica Carrasquillo Mangual and Chris Bogen, Ph.D. - Engineer Research and Development Center, U.S. Army, Corps of Engineers

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This page answers the following questions:

How do I implement COBie in the construction trailer?

What new information is required by COBie contracts?

How can streamline production of contract deliverables using COBie?

What products and equipment need to be included in a COBie file?

Standard + Specification + Workflows = Success

COBie Version 1.0 demonstrated that standard contract deliverables could be captured electronically and delivered in lieu of paper construction handover data.

After the release of COBie 1.0 software companies asked for, and got, a consolidated data model, not a data model focused on individual construction work flows. The initial NBIMS-US COBie standard, therefore, reflects the needs of the software companies implementing COBie during design, construction, and handover. As of NBIMS-US V3, the COBie technical specification is virtually complete. While future COBie versions may tweak one or other specific aspects, the standard-obtaining information that matches that found on drawing is complete and implemented in many Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software products.

The COBie Construction Templates return to the essential idea first introduced in COBie Version 1.0. Namely, that the workflow to capture and consolidate COBie during construction is more critical to the effective use of COBie than is the underlying standard. The COBie standard was necessary, but insufficient. The COBie standard plus the set of contracted workflows, based on a standard specification, that require COBie are the two minimum requirements to begin making COBie a success on your construction projects.

COBie-Specific Workflows

The draft COBie Unified Facilities Guide Specification requires two types of COBie deliverables. The first are COBie-specific deliverables. These deliverables accompany all sets of drawings exchanged at major project milestones. The quality standard required by bSa Challenge events is that the information provided in COBie-specific deliverables match the information found in the equivalent design or construction drawing schedules. The software that produces such drawings have now been proven to accurately produce a COBie data as simply as producing a printed copy of the drawings.

COBie-Formatted Workflows

The draft COBie Unified Facilities Guide Specification (UFGS) also requires COBie-formatted submittals. These submittals contain the - exact same - information found in traditional construction contracts. The inclusion of COBie only requires that the format of these existing submittals be standardized. Prior to the release of the COBie Construction, construction managers would have to develop their own templates by copying subsets of a COBie design file and then hiding or filtering data. In this way equipment installation worksheets could simply look like the existing submittal, and not an entire "confusing" COBie data set.

Initially, COBie-formatted submittals contain only the information found in the design stage. As the project progresses the COBie-formatted submittals contain more and more of the as-built project information. The collation of information in COBie-formatted submittals could be accomplished manually, with construction-oriented software, or with a building information model server. The choice of specific tools to be used should be documented in the COBie Information Delivery Plan.

COBie Construction Templates

To use the COBie Construction Templates, the construction manager, or owner, only need look at the existing paper-based deliverables. If the paper deliverable is provided, then the contractor can simply substitute the COBie Construction template for the paper-based deliverable. The table below lists each of the required deliverables found in handover-related specification sections and identifies the corresponding COBie Construction Template.

An initial version of the templates has been produced in Excel format and is available for download, and there are also plans to provide code libraries that convert these template files to COBie spreadsheets.

Download Excel COBie Construction Templates

UFGS Sec.Deliverable RequirementCOBie Construction Template
01 33 00Approved SubmittalsSubmittals-ProductTypes
01 75 00Diagnostic Testing PlansPlan-ProductTypes-Diagnostic
01 78 00As-Installed Equipment ScheduleInstalledEquipment-General
Preventative Maintenance PlansPlan-ProductTypes-Maintenance
O&M ManualsPlan-System-Operation
Spare Parts ScheduleConsumables-General
As-Installed Warranty TagsWarranties-ProductTags
Warranty Certificates and DataWarranties-ProductTypes
As-Built DrawingsFiles-Drawings
08 11 13Door ScheduleSchedule-Door
08 71 00Hardware ScheduleSchedule-Hardware
10 14 02Signage ScheduleSchedule-Signage
n/aRoom Finish ScheduleSchedule-RoomFinish
n/aInstalled Equipment PhotographFiles-Photos

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