buildingSMART alliance January 2014 Challenge

buildingSMART alliance January 2014 Challenge

by Bill East, PhD, PE - Engineer Research and Development Center, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Executive Summary

Information exchange standards developed by the buildingSMART alliance streamline information flow through the life of capital projects. buildingSMART alliance Challenge events allow software companies to demonstrate their ability to meet these standards.

Challenge criteria requires that software companies produce and or consume the required information exchanges consistent with both the format and content required to meet the stated business objective. An independent quality control process is conducted to verify software claims. Software vendors are required to demonstrate their products and provide sufficient configuration information to allow users to repeat this process on their own projects. This page reports on the progress of software vendors to produce and consume open-standard building information as demonstrated at the January 2014 bSa Challenge.


The technical standards included in the United States National BIM Standard are Industry Foundation Class (IFC) Model View Definitions (MVDs). While the IFC could be used to represent and exchange any type of building information, for a given job some subset of that IFC model will only be needed. A MVD defines the subset of IFC-based information needed to do some specific work. Just like any other human artifact MVDs are designed for specific purpose.

The January 2014 bSa Challenge reflected the emerging maturity of the most widely established of the US National BIM Standard, COBie, and the introduction of NBIMS-US V3 ballots for a set of related BIM standards. The way in which these MVDs work together is explained here.

In the following sections, the presentations are available as Adobe Acrobat PDFs PDF unless otherwise noted.

Plenary Session

NIBS Welcome (no slides)

The buildingSMART alliance is in a unique position to change the way we plan, design, build, and operate facilities. Thank you for being part of it!

NBIMS-US V3 Is Coming

The US National BIM Standard, Version 3 is on track for publication in Summer 2014.

NBIMS-US V3 Information Exchange Ballots

NBIMS-US V3 Information exchange projects point to new paradigm for planning, designing, building, and sustaining our engineered environment.

Corps of Engineers' COBie Mandate (no slides)

The Corps of Engineers plans to mandating COBie deliverables on all design-build and construction contracts let starting in October 2014.

Corps of Engineers' COBie Tool Kit (no slides)

The Corps of Engineers will define a very clear construction workflow to replace existing paper deliverables with mini-COBie templates.

COBie in the UK MS Powerpoint

COBie is an internationally recognized standard that is currently in use on all large public projects in the United Kingdom.

The COBie Calculator

Designers, builders, and owners can now calculate the COBie business-case for themselves.

COBie Project and Team Overview

As COBie matures Construction and CMMS/CAFM software vendors can influence future direction of COBie and get tested as-needed.

What is a bSa Challenge?

Files meeting the NBIMS-US can be automatically tested with open-source tools. Contents must match current deliverable requirements.

Design Track

Building Programming Information exchange (BPie)—Demonstration

Standard room and equipment data can now be used to manage requirements during the project life-cycle

Drofus Presentation MS Powerpoint
Onuma System Presentation

COBie at Design, Construction Documents Stage—Challenge

Design software is now able to produce COBie data that matches the information found in the equivalent design drawings and schedules.

Autodesk Presentation Results
Graphisoft Presentation MS Powerpoint Results

Data Management Presentations

Software firms can support information workflows with their data management solutions.

AutoDesk Presentation MS Powerpoint
Graphisoft Presentation MS Powerpoint
EcoDomus Presentation MS Powerpoint
Onmua Systems Presentation

Construction Track

Case Studies and Innovations

Sharing the on-the-ground stories of COBie at the construction site, and new technological innovations drive COBie success.

Corps of Engineers Cases Studies
Common Models and Templates
Installed Equipment Collection with FormHub

COBie at the Construction Handover State—Challenge

Construction software market is sufficiently mature to allow as-needed testing of COBie deliverables rather than annual on-site events.

4 Projects Presentation MS Powerpoint Results
ASite Presentation MS Powerpoint Results
Chinook Presentation MS Powerpoint Results
EcoDomus Presentation MS Powerpoint Results
Facility Grid Presentation Results
Onuma Presentation Results
Construction Results Summary

COBie Construction Team Meeting

Construction software manufactures' have now collectively taken ownership of the future directions for COBie.

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