buildingSMART alliance CMMS/CAFM Topical Interest Committee (CCTC) Project

CMMS/CAFM Topical Interest Committee (CCTC)

ORGANIZATION: buildingSMART alliance

Mariangelica Carrasquillo-Mangual

Vice Chair
Kerry Joels

Angela Lewis

Executive Summary

The Construction Operations Building information exchange (COBie) standard, now part of the National BIM Standard - United States (NBIMS-US), provides a structure to help capture building asset information necessary for successful maintenance, operation and management of facilities. COBie is an open standard to support the capture and transfer of facility data across all the phases of the building life cycle. The transfer, handover, of information today most commonly occurs between design and construction to facility management.

Facility management software, including computer-aided facility management (CAFM) systems, computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS), and integrated work management systems (IWMS) are able to import data using the COBie standard to populate facility management software. Today, some facility management software can also export data using COBie to support the use of existing building data by architects and engineers for renovations; as well as share asset data between multiple facility management software products used across the same organization. This saves facility managers hundreds of man-hours normally spent manually entering the information, while increasing data availability to support facility management decision making.

About the Committee

Since 2008, facility management software vendors have been importing asset data using the Construction Operation Building information exchange (COBie) format. For the last several years, the CMMS/CAFM community has demonstrated that data gathered during the design and construction process can be successfully handed over to support operations and maintenance functions. As a result, the CCTC has been formed to support further industry adoption of the standard.

The committee meets once a month, usually on the third Wednesday of the month at 10:00am central.


The main objectives of the committee are to:

  1. Address critical issues. The CCTC discusses critical challenges to support wider adoption of COBie, such as the specification of information exchanges and product and system properties that can be transferred between software products using COBie.
  2. Establish COBie compliance procedures. The CCTC discusses procedures to reach consensus on the parameters for future COBie compliance test. These parameters include but are not limited to format, venue, frequency and funding. The information from the testing is anticipated to be accomplished privately and published publicly on the National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS) web page. Results of testing prior to the formation of the CCTC can be found on the COBie webpage.
  3. Organize presentations at public events. The CCTC organizes presentations at public events, such as the National Facility Management and Technology (NFM&T) Conference.

Events & Announcements

NFMT – National Facility Management and Technology Conference 2014
March 4-6, 2014 Baltimore, MD;

The CCTC will host two, one hour sessions:

  • Session 1: COBie: How-To?
  • Session 2: COBie Case Studies

Presentations will be available after the event.

COBie and Software for Facility Management

COBie is the first of multiple information exchanges to be recognized as an industry standard. For more information about COBie, and facility management software that supports the COBie standard, as well as other information exchange standards in various stages of development, see the buildingSMART alliance information exchange: Means and Methods page.

Meeting Notes

Meeting notes are available to CCTC members through the building SMART Alliance portal. Non-members can request meeting minutes from the CCTC secretary.

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