buildingSMART alliance March 2013 COBie Challenge for Facility Management Software: Bentley

March 2013 COBie Challenge for Facility Management Software: Bentley

by Angela Lewis, P.E., PhD, Facility Engineering Associates
Mariangelica Carrasquillo-Mangual, Engineer Research and Development Center, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Terry Cocherl, Facility Engineering Associates

The Construction Operations Building information exchange (COBie) information exchange format is a non-proprietary platform for the exchange of facility life-cycle data needed by facility managers. A COBie Challenge is a public event where the production and/or consumption of COBie data are presented by the software company with an independent assessment of the results of that product's ability to meet the COBie data format and data quality requirements. The March 2013 COBie Challenge for Facility Management Software focused on the consumption of COBie data by commercial off the shelf facility management software. In this challenge, facility management software vendors imported a set of simulated facility management information for the Common BIM files project, the Medical/Dental Clinic. The specific model file used was the COBie Handover Spreadsheet V11 file (ZIP).

This page provides links to the information presented at the Challenge to evaluate the product listed against the COBie specification. The version of COBie exercised in this challenge was COBie 2.4. COBie 2.4 was introduced for this challenge for two reasons. COBie 2.4 ensures consistency between the SPie product data exchanges and COBie format. COBie 2.4 also ensures compliance with United Kingdom mandate for COBie starting in 2012. COBie 2.4 is backward compatible with previous COBie versions from 2.24 forward.

Product Information

Product Bentley Facilities
Logo Logo (JPG 134 KB)
Version V8i SS4
Overview Presentation (PDF 1.3 MB)
COBie Configuration Configuration Guide (PDF 3.4 MB)
Contact Contact Information (DOC 12 KB)
COBie Producer? No
COBie Consumer? Yes

COBie Consumer Challenge

The following table identifies which of the COBie handover information was consumed by the subject product.

Information COBie Sheet Imported
spaces and equipment Space, Type, Component check
PM schedules Job check
safety procedures Job check
systems System check
materials, tools, training Resource check
associated documents Document check
replacement parts Spare check
space and equipment properties Attribute check
space zones Zone check

To assess the quality of the imported information a series of meetings was held with each vendor leading up to the public challenge event. The objective of these meetings was to evaluate the products ability to consume the information noted in the table above using a quality control checklist  developed for the Clinic building information being consumed. The completed checklist (PDF) contains the full analysis of the imports achieved by the vendor. A summary of the result is provided below with footnotes indicating any special comments made during the quality assurance process.

Information COBie Sheet Result (Notes)
spaces and equipment Space, Type, Component Pass (1)
PM schedules Job Pass (2)
safety procedures Job Pass (3)
systems System Pass
materials, tools, training Resource Pass
associated documents Document Pass (4)
replacement parts Spare Pass
space and equipment properties Attribute Pass
space zones Zone Pass


1. For each floor a search needs to be completed that is a bit more detailed than for total number spaces.

2. Job description is formatted as a single text block. Due to software restriction of number of characters in the cell the information displayed is incomplete. It was recommended that this was fixed or noted in the COBie Configuration Guide.

3. Task formatting had double numbers (ex: 1.1; 2.2 ), all other information consumed correctly.

4. To open the document, it is necessary to view through ProjectWise (Bentley product). Category information is not included.


March 2010 Bentley Challenge Results

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