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BIM Execution Planning

ORGANIZATION: The Pennsylvania State University - Funding from The Charles Pankow Foundation, The Construction Industry Institute, The Penn State Office of Physical Plant, and The Partnership for Achieving Construction Excellence (PACE)

John Messner
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This project team is focused on developing a method that project teams can use to develop a Building Information Modeling (BIM) Project Execution Plan. The primary product from this research team, led by the Computer Integrated Construction Research Group at Penn State, is the BIM Project Execution Planning Guide along with corresponding templates that can be used to develop execution plans. This guide, developed primarily for facility owners and early project participants, focuses on the decisions required to define the scope of BIM implementation on the project, identify process impacts of using BIM, define the team characteristics needed to achieve the modeling, and quantify the value proposition for the appropriate level of modeling at the various stages in the project life-cycle. The research performed to develop the initial Guide along with Version 2 of the Guide was funded by the Charles Pankow Foundation, the Penn State Office of Physical Plant, and the Partnership for Achieving Construction Excellence (PACE) at Penn State.


The BIM Project Execution Planning Guide and corresponding templates are available for download at

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