About the buildingSMART alliance

About the buildingSMART alliance®

The buildingSMART alliance® was created to spearhead technical, political, and financial support for use of advanced digital technology in the real property industry—from concept, design and construction through operations and management. By leading the development and promotion of open data standards, the Alliance helps facilitate the most effective capture and ongoing management of information for facilities and infrastructure, from inception to demolition.

The Alliance is a council of the National Institute of Building Sciences. The Alliance promotes the use of Building Information Models (BIMs), the digital tools that are increasingly helping building industry stakeholders to share highly accurate information throughout a facility or project's life cycle. Effective use of BIMs has the potential to eliminate enormous waste in the industry resulting from the recollection and recreation of project information and data. The Alliance has a goal of helping the building sector eliminate 31 percent of current waste, or almost $400 million, by 2020.

In contrast with centuries-old ways of documenting facilities with two-dimensional drawings new digital technology brings together project stakeholders around a single Building Information Model (BIM), a unified tool that offers unprecedented accuracy, speed and economy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should be involved?

Anyone involved in the real property and/or building industry will find value in the Alliance's work and the development of industry standards — and to be successful the Alliance needs the participation of all industry segments. Property owners, designers, facility managers, government and stakeholder groups will all benefit by participating in the Alliance.

Why was the buildingSMART alliance® established?

There are profound changes coming to the building industry — the effective development of standards and lifecycle modeling will help drive needed efficiency and eliminate waste. The Alliance was established to develop the standards needed to modernize the industry and to ensure that all industry segments are represented in the process.

How do I join the Alliance?

Whether you are a student, individual, corporation, organization or agency, you can become a member of the Alliance. There are also sponsorship opportunities available. Simply go to the Membership section above, join the Institute online and pay your membership fee.

How do I get involved in a project?

To get involved in a specific project, go to the Get Involved section of the website and fill out the appropriate application form. Your completed form will be sent to the coordinator of the group in which you have an interest. Be sure to include background about yourself and your interests relevant to the project when filling out the form so that your talents can most effectively be put to work.

Do I have to be a member of the buildingSMART alliance® in order to participate on a project team?

Yes, you do. We do need resources to make the buildingSMART alliance® work and that is one of the reasons we need you to join the Institute. The good news is that you can participate at a level comfortable to you and your membership dues will be contributing to something worthwhile. The National Institute of Building Sciences is a non-profit 501.c.3 organization and your support is tax deductible.

If I join buildingSMART alliance® can I drop participation in other councils?

No, the work being done in other councils is still important and critical to the ultimate outcome. The Alliance will have projects that bring together efforts in the individual market segment groups as well as help to fund the extra resources needed to connect to other group efforts, which will ultimately provide the overall interoperability we are seeking.

Where will the money go?

We are very focused on ensuring that the majority of the money raised will go toward products that can help the industry meet our common goals of interoperability.

Who decides where the money will be directed?

The Alliance Board of Direction decides. The Board is made up of individuals like yourself.

What is the current relationship between bSa and bSI?

The bSa has a long standing relationship with bSI and finds value in aligning its efforts with their work and the work of other industry groups. As of January 2015 bSI notified bSa that it was no longer the US Chapter. Despite this change in status, the bSa continues to focus on improving standard practices for the AECOO industry as a whole. For more information, click here to view the bSa’s official Member communication on this topic.


Should you have any additional questions about the buildingSMART alliance® that were not answered on this site or you would like to comment on the site, please contact:

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