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A goal of the Building Information Management (BIM) Council is to develop a consensus infrastructure to advance open industry standards for interoperability and collaboration between practitioners. Projects are the feeder system to define and test the desired standards. Having a fully engaged and fully resourced approach, which encompasses all stakeholders and life cycle phases, will ensure robust and usable open standards. Standards are the basis for seamless communication and interoperability.

NIBS National BIM Standard

The National BIM Standard-United States™ (NBIMS-US™) provides consensus based standards through referencing existing standards, documenting information exchanges and delivering best business practices for the entire built environment.

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National CAD Standard

The NCS is a consensus standard incorporating industry publications. It is comprised of interrelated standards, guidelines and tools for uniformly organizing and presenting facility drawing information. It is the only comprehensive standard for facility planning, design, construction and operation drawings.

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The National BIM Guide for Owners

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This guide provides building owners with an approach, from their own profession's standpoint, to create and fulfill building information modeling (BIM) requirements for a typical project. It addresses three broad areas the owner should understand in order to work effectively with the Project BIM Team: process; infrastructure and standards; and execution.

Bridge Information Modeling (BrIM) Standardization

IFC Bridge Design to Construction Information Exchange (U.S.) was developed under contract to the U.S. Federal Highway Administration by the National Institute of Building Sciences. In the future a BIM Council committee will need to be formed to advance and further develop the work started here for bridges and other infrastructures and to support the introduction of this work to a future version of the National BIM Standard–United States® (NBIMS-US™).

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